AEW Deadly Draw Results: Madusa Introduces Trophy, Mel & Penelope Ford vs. The Nightmare Sisters

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The women of AEW have been fighting an uphill battle to gain relevance. While they have a great stock of talent, they’re overshadowed by the men in both singles and tag divisions. Hell, until now we didn’t even really have a womens tag division. Enter the Deadly Draw Tournament.

That tournament starts with tonight’s match which features Mel and Penelope Ford facing The Nightmare Sisters, Allie & Brandi Rhodes.

The action would be called by the debuting Veda Scott and Tony Schiavone, AEW’s best multitool.

The Legendary Madusa Kicks Things Off

Madusa (aka Alundra Blaze) would come out to kick off the tournament, and introduce everyone to the trophy. This was the chance for these ladies to rise up and show the world what they are made of, and can these mismatched teams work?

She has never lost her touch, and kept things short and simple with this speech. Always nice to see a legend.

Penelope Ford & Mel Have Never Worked Together Before

Unlike their opponents in The Nightmare Sisters, Mel & Penelope Ford have never teamed before, giving Rhodes & Allie a big advantage.

Allie & Ford would start the proceedings, with Ford getting the upper hand with a kick to the gut before applying a tight headlock. A handful of hair would keep Allie grounded, but the moment Allie got free, she’d bad mouth Mel and get rolled up. She’d regain control with a running knee lift, and Rhodes would be tagged in.

Mel Shows Impressive Power

Mel tagged herself into the match, and the powerhouse would beat down the woman who brought her into the company and shaved her head. She’d grind Rhodes’ face into the mat, but a wheelbarrow armdrag from Rhodes would drop Mel, and some tag offense from The Nightmare Sisters would get some control. Mel would now be isolated in the corner, as Allie dropped her with a big neckbreaker for a two count.

Shoving Allie into her corner, Ford would come back in and regain control of the match, but she’d be dropped with a forearm. Kip Sabian would save her from a running boot, and QT Marshall would get him under control. However, Allie would be run down by Mel on the outside with a big boot.

Nightmare Sisters Make The Comeback

Ford hoisted Allie up for a big double knee gutbuster, but only got a two count. The mean streak of Ford would come out, with Allie being choked in the ropes and with the boot of Ford. Mel tagged back in and furthered the abuse of Allie in the middle of the ring.

Allie would nearly steal the win countering a suplex into an inside cradle, but would be run down with a hard lariat. A jawbreaker might have allowed the tag, but a matrix dodge into a stunner from Ford dropped her again. Mel would tag in and look for a leg drop off the top rope, but miss.

Rhodes would be tagged in and cut Mel down with a series of strikes and a superkick. A slingblade would drop Mel for the win, but Ford made a narrow save. Allie would shut Ford down, but miss a Chokebomb which got a visual pinfall while referee Paul Turner was distracted.

Brandi Rhodes Puts Mel Down

Kip Sabian would climb onto the apron and complain, but QT Marshall would stop him before being laid out. A rake to the eyes from behind courtesy of Allie followed by a spear from Brandi Rhodes would end this match, meaning Nightmare Sisters advance in this tournament.

This was a great showing from all four women here, with Mel really shining in the tag team environment. Should Ford & Mel remain a tag team? Will Nightmare Sisters win this tournament? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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