AEW Dynamite Results: Darby Allin vs. Jon Moxley [AEW Championship Match]

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It’s rare to see a world title defended on weekly TV, but we will see that tonight on AEW Dynamite. Jon Moxley is not someone who turns down any challenge, so when it was announced that he will face his on-again off-again ally Darby Allin? He was all game.

Moxley has defended against powerhouses so far, names like Jake Hager, Brodie Lee and Brian Cage (who is banned from the arena). Allin is nothing like those men, he’s another breed of cat. Not relying on power, instead focusing on being one of the faster and more unpredictable men around. Can Moxley maintain his championship on the road to All Out?

Big Fight Feel, Allin Is The Underdog

Like every other defense of the AEW Championship, and despite a mostly empty arena, this match just felt huge. Allin would wear a mask of Moxley over his face, playing his usual mind games, but Mox isn’t easily messed with.

He’d rip the paper mask off, and get a slap to the face. Allin would get a straight punch of the face, bloodying his mouth before this one even gets going. The pace would instantly pick up, with Allin sliding around Mox for another slap, and ate a huge lariat for his troubles.

Allin was a clear underdog in this one, being ragdolled around the ring like expected. He doesn’t win matches by outpowering his opponents, he outlasts them. Mox would hit a scoop slam and an elbow drop, but Allin came back with an armdrag and a dropkick.

The fight would spill out to the stage, and the referee would let this one play out. Mox would throw Allin from the stage right into the ring post, Allin bouncing off and laying lifeless by the apron as the referee started his count.

Jon Moxley Doesn’t Want To Seriously Hurt Allin

In their last encounter, Moxley would nearly break the neck of Allin with a top rope Paradigm Shift. He sees a lot of himself in Allin, and doesn’t want to seriously hurt him this time.

Due to this, Moxley would walk over and say “This is where I pin you, okay?” but Allin wouldn’t give up and would kick out. A cross arm choke would be applied, followed by lariat. Allin came back with some chops, but would be dropped by a single strike from Moxley.

Some misdirection into a dropkick attempt would lead to Allin being trapped in a single leg boston crab in the middle of the ring. This would be transitioned into an STF, but instead of taping out, Allin would just flip the bird. Moxley would grab the finger and bend it.

Darby Allin Gets His Best Chance

Allin would get some distance between him and Moxley, and tackle them both out of the ring and rain down fists into his opponent. Another dive from Allin would drop him, smashing shoulder first into Mox.

Allin would trap his hand in the top of the ring post. He’d get free, only for Allin to dive onto him. Moxley had one good hand now, but he’d manag to counter the springboard Coffin Drop into a german suplex attempt, which Allin flipped out of.

The hand would be attacked and a quick Code Red would get a near fall. Allin went up top for the Coffin Drop, but got hit with a German Suplex off the top rope.

At this time, Wardlow would come to the ringside area, and distract the referee. MJF would sneak in from behind and whack Moxley with the AEW Championship! He knows Allin is the easier win, and thus wants him at All Out.

All he’d need to do is hit the Coffin Drop, and he would but Moxley got out at 2.9! Moxley would be bleeding from the belt shot, and this one wouldn’t be going much longer.

Something Had To Give

Moxley could barely stand at this point, but he would need to fight to remain champion. Allin would hit a stunner followed by a back elbow, and go up top for another Coffin Drop. This would have ended it, but Moxley would catch him into a sleeper hold, and he’d look to choke Allin out.

Allin would not give up, but taking a page from his NJPW rival Minoru Suzuki, Moxley would turn the sleeper around into a Gotch Style Piledriver. This would get a near fall, and Moxley would know what he needs to do. He’d grab Allin up and nail the Paradigm Shift for the victory.

This was a hard fought and bloody battle, but in the end, Moxley wins. MJF was pissed off backstage, knowing that he’s got the harder potential match at All Out. Is that where the reign of Jon Moxley would end? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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