AEW Dynamite Results: FTR vs. Young Bucks vs. Natural Nightmares vs. Best Friends [Gauntlet Match]

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AEW Dynamite Results: FTR vs. Young Bucks vs. Natural Nightmares vs. Best Friends [Gauntlet Match]

The most dominant champions in All Elite Wrestling are Kenny Omega & Hangman Page. Since winning the AEW Tag Team Championships from SCU earlier this year, they have taken down all challengers, from The Young Bucks, to Best Friends, to Private Party. They need challengers for All Out however, and that will be decided in tonight’s Gauntlet Match.

The Natural Nightmares, Best Friends, Young Bucks, and FTR will all battle it out for the right of challenge for those AEW Tag Team Championships. Omega & Page have beaten everyone in this group except FTR, who Page has become quick friends with in recent weeks. Who will advance to All Out?

Chris Jericho would make his way to join commentary, and soak in the live fans in attendance, all socially distanced and loudly singing Judas.

Young Bucks vs. Natural Nightmare

The match would start with The Young Bucks taking on The Natural Nightmares, the #3 team and the #4 teams in AEW. Nick Jackson would start with QT Marshall, then both trading early pinfall attempts, knowing they’re going to have to go long in this match. Matt Jackson would tag in, and hit a Sunset Flip over the top rope, but Dustin Rhodes would be in soon.

They’d trade arm drags before Dustin Rhodes would ask for a quick break, goading Matt in for a beautiful snap powerslam, before getting Nick with one as well. Natural Nightmares wouldn’t take control however, as Young Bucks showed their teamwork, hitting a double dropkick, isolating Rhodes with their quick tags in and out. Rhodes would slow things down with a throat shot, before hitting a Canadian Destroyer on Matt Jackson, and tag QT Marshall back in for the comeback.

He’d hit a big backbreaker into a flatliner, but would fail to hit a powerslam, or the QT Special back elbow, and would be dropped with a Superkick Part. More bang for your buck would be countered by Marshall, who’d go for the Diamond Cutter. The Bucks would work together, and hit the BTE Trigger to end match #1. Best Friends would make their way to the ring, and the second match wouldn’t be far off.

Young Bucks vs. Best Friends

Nick Jackson would start match two against Chuck Taylor, who forced him into the safe corner to isolate the tired man. Quick tags in and out and hard shots would beat him down, but Nick Jackson would nearly escape before being speared on the outside by Trent, after missing a moonsault to the outside. Chuck Taylor would be ready back in the ring, and hit a running knee for the near fall.

Taylor would be having some trouble with his knee, but Trent would be back in the match and get another near fall on Nick. A double arm suplex would further beat down Nick, who would be desperate for a tag. A countered suplex and some misdirection would look good for Nick, until he’d almost be hit with a piledriver on the apron! Nick would slip out and hit a German Suplex on the apron and crawl to his corner to tag Matt Jackson in.

The fiery temper of Matt would be on showcase, who would nearly set up the Meltzer Driver, instead opting for a springboard cutter off the middle rope. Matt would hit three Northern Lights Suplex across the rings, but when he’d go for the fourth he’d be hit with a tornado DDT from Trent. Nick would be tagged in, and would be showing the effects of this match. The Half & Half/Sole Food combo would work, and Best Friends would hug it out in the middle of the ring.

Strong Zero would be set up, but Matt would stop Taylor on the top rope and Nick would roll up Trent inside the ring for a two count. Trent would be taken out on the outside with a reckless dive, before hitting a 450 splash in the ring for a near fall. Meltzer Driver would be stopped by Hangman Page, who would cost his Elite allies this match, Best Friends moving on to face FTR. Page would wander off alone and looked very upset about what he had to do.

FTR vs. Best Friends

With Tully Blanchard in their corner, the fresh FTR would march to the ring ready to tear Best Friends apart. They’d take Best Friends out before they could even get in the ring, and target the hurt knee of Chuck Taylor, wrapping it around the steel ring post in calculated manner. Some low Dragon Screws from Harwood would damage it more, with Wheeler giving a hard punch to the back of the knee.

The ring was cut in half, and Taylor would need to rely on getting the tag to Trent and hoping his partner can win this match, as his knee is snapped over the apron. Taylor would try to kick his way out with the good leg, failing. An inside cradle would be Taylor’s best hope at winning this match, but Trent would be pulled off the apron and suplexed by Wheeler just as he would have made the tag.

A chop block to the knee would drop him again, and Harwood would tie the legs up, allowing Wheeler to come off the top rope with a stomp. A modified indian deathlock would be applied, and Taylor would have to tap out. FTR is going to All Out.

FTR will go to All Out to face Hangman Page & Kenny Omega, but is Hangman Page on their side? Did he make the call to cost Young Bucks their match, or was it his idea? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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