AEW Dynamite Results: MJF & Moxley Sign The Contract For All Out

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AEW Dynamite Results: MJF & Moxley Sign The Contract For All Out

At All Out, the main event will be the AEW Championship match between Jon Moxley & MJF… provided tonight’s contract signing goes well. MJF has been campaigning for weeks that AEW deserves a better champion, and even tried to get his opponent to be Darby Allin by smashing Moxley in the face with the championship during their title match. He’s even trying to get the Paradigm Shift banned for their upcoming match!

MJF Is Still Suffering From The Effects Of The Paradigm Shift

Two weeks back, MJF was blindsided by Moxley who nailed him with the Paradigm Shift, putting his career in danger. He’d hobble to the ring with a walker and a neckbrace, still willing to go ahead with the title match despite his condition. Moxley wouldn’t have the same issues coming to the ring, and the fans would explode at him showing up, who took some time to take it all in.

MJF’s lawyer would do the talking to start and reiterate the condition that the double arm DDT is banned. Moxley would just need to sign the deal, but he’d look over it once again as MJF explains that these things usually end with someone getting beat.

He’d be cut off by Moxley chants from the crowd, before saying he hopes Moxley can respect social distancing, like his hairline does. Moxley would say MJF will get there once he hits puberty. All insults aside, people want to see this match, but MJF never got the hype of Moxley, who was a one trick pony, he’s just a crazy guy. Meanwhile everyone else gets it, even Mike Tyson wouldn’t want to find himself across from Moxley.

On September 5th at All Out, MJF; bad neck or not is going to take Moxley out, because he’s a prodigy. He’s going to use the ring to pick Moxley apart like a surgeon, while Moxley is an overhyped goon. Moxley was inspired by Onita, Sandman, Zandig, complete garbage. MJF came up inspired by actual wrestlers, and that is why he will win.

He’d harp on Moxley feeling he needs one move to win this match, and say he’s not man enough to beat MJF without the move. MJF would tell Moxley to tell his wife he’s single, prompting Moxley to stand up.

Jon Moxley Had An Extra Page Added To The Contract

Does Jon Moxley need the Paradigm Shift? No. He’d like to have it, to drop MJF on his head time after time and end his career. Banning the Paradigm Shift isn’t going to help MJF, it just means that Moxley will get creative in how he tears MJF apart. He will target every limb, think of every way to choke the life out of MJF. On September 5th, MJF is a dead man.

Moxley would sign the contract, and MJF was ecstatic. However, Jon Moxley added something to page 17, and said that MJF’s lawyer was an idiot who will have to face Moxley next week in a tune up match. If his lawyer doesn’t show up, MJF doesn’t get his match, and the Paradigm Shift is very legal in this tune up match.

Who will win at All Out? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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