AEW Dynamite Results: Orange Cassidy & Chris Jericho Have A Debate

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They’ve met in the ring, they’ve met in wild brawls, and Chris Jericho has been drenched in orange juice by Orange Cassidy. Next week, they’ll have their much anticipated rematch, but this week, Chris Jericho intends to finally do something that OC can’t possibly top him in. This is a debate.

Considering Orange Cassidy rarely has much to say, while Jericho is only matched by MJF in terms of words per minute? It should be fairly one sided. Add in a mystery guest moderator, and this is going to be interesting if nothing else.

Introducing Our Guest Moderator, Eric Bischoff

The spoilers from earlier this week were correct, and Bischoff is back on TNT after 20 years. If anyone can keep chaos in check, it’s probably Bischoff. In his prime, he kept the nWo under something resembling control at times.

He’d share the format of the debate. There will be five questions, and neither man has seen the questions, with them being pulled from social media.

Both men would make their way to the ring, and Bischoff would present the first question.

”Why do Chris Jericho & Orange Cassidy hate each other so much?”

Before Jericho would answer, he’d insult the appearance of Orange Cassidy, who promptly pulled out a clip on tie to look more professional.

Chris Jericho would have the following to say. “Hates not strong enough of a word, this is why I despise you Orange Cassidy. You take nothing seriously.” He’d go on to describe how everyone laughs at him, and thinks he’s a joke. Orange Cassidy would reply with silence.

“Who Is The Better Wrestler, And Who Is The Bigger Star?”

Chris Jericho would start once again, and say that isn’t even a question as he’d hype his accomplishments up while saying Cassidy has never even been out of Florida, and then call him a nerd.

Yet again, Orange Cassidy would reply with silence. I don’t think anyone told him what a debate was.

They would be asked about rising sea levels for the next question, which Jericho clearly knows nothing about. However, Orange Cassidy finally moved his microphone to his mouth. Cassidy would drop some great facts on global pollution, absolutely schooling Jericho in this category.

Why Is Orange Cassidy So Popular?

Jericho would claim that OC is popular because all the smart mark fans at home can relate to him. He’s lazy, arrogant, entitled, and a pimple on the ass of the pro wrestling industry. Jericho would hype up their match for next week, then claim OC will be back to working at Jamba Juice after he beats him again. OC had no answer to this question.

The final question would be “Why does this rematch mean so much to both of you?” For Jericho, it’s getting revenge over his $7000 dollar jacket being ruined by orange juice, but Orange Cassidy would tell him to shut up.

OC saw through his plan to embarrass him, but it’s not working. He doesn’t care about Chris Jericho, but he cares about the rematch. It’s the biggest match of his life, but also the biggest of Jericho’s life. Can Jericho imagine losing to someone like Orange Cassidy?

He demands Jericho look into his eyes, look at the man who’s going to embarrass him, and the man who’s going to beat him next week.

This rematch feels even bigger than the initial match, and in the end, Cassidy wins the debate in the eyes of Eric Bischoff. Jericho claims he hasn’t liked Bischoff in 20 years, and Hager would then jump Orange Cassidy at the behest of Jericho. A Judas Effect would leave OC knocked out as Best Friends make the save.

Will Orange Cassidy beat Chris Jericho next week? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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