Impact Wrestling Preview (8/25) – Emergence Night Two – Willie Mack vs Brian Myers

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Impact Wrestling Preview (8/25) – Emergence Night Two – Willie Mack vs Brian Myers

Brian Myers return to Impact Wrestling was an interesting one as he challenged Eddie Edwards for the Impact World Championship.

He and Edwards had a great match that went back and forth until Edwards pulled out the win after hitting a Boston Knee Party.

Myers is beyond frustrated, as he grabbed Jimmy Jacobs while he was interviewing Willie Mack and dragged him off for his own interview.

Myers went on about a 70+ year out of touch old man having controlled him, and how he’s intent on doing things his way from here on out.

Unfortunately for him, he managed to pick the wrong moment to disrespect Willie Mack and it could cost him.

Mack’s on the attack

What set Willie Mack off wasn’t just being interrupted, but the fact he was interrupted while talking about Eric Young’s attack on Rich Swann, who is Mack’s best friend.

This afront can’t be allowed to stand, and Myers found himself the focus of Mack’s rage at what Young did.

This could be one of Myers’ biggest mistakes, especially considering how Mack attacked him while he was in the middle of his impromptu interview.

On the plus side for Myers, he could get lucky and Mack will be careless and too aggressive in the ring, but we doubt it.

Myers is as frustrated as Mack is furious, so the two could end up balancing out and making the match a super aggressive physical onslaught.

In the end, it could come down to whoever can control and focus their emotion better and avoid making the costly mistake.

The winner is…

Both men need a win, and that’ll add to the pressure and intensity of the match. The problem is, both men can’t win.

Myers debut was a loss, but it was for the Impact Wrestling World Championship, so that definitely counts for something.

Willie Mack has lost a couple in a row, and we feel he’s due, so we’re going with him.

Mack may pull out the win, but it’s going to be an amazing match that’ll push both men to the extreme.

In fact, we’re not sure it’ll be a clean win, as Myers is clearly the heel and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him lose by disqualification when Mack frustrates him.

On the other hand, if Mack wins cleanly, we can see Myers attack him afterwards, especially if it was a close contest.

We expect this to be a feud for the next couple of weeks, and it should be a great one as both wrestlers are awesome talents.

We can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

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