Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis: Who Was Better?

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Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis: Who Was Better?

Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis was a rivalry WCW missed out on for the cruiserweight division. Sure, they had some matches but Rey Rey mixed it up with everyone in the division at some point. 

Also, you have to consider that the WCW cruiserweight division was mostly competitive. It didn’t have an actual feud until Jericho vs. Malenko brought a storyline to the belt. 

While Mysterio is respected as one of the best North American high flyers of all times and the best of 90s, Psicosis usually gets nods. Only those who know his work actually rank him beyond “He was good.” 

So, which one was actually better between these two stars from the 90s Tijuana lucha scene? Let’s break them down. 

The Case for Rey Mysterio 

Rey Rey needs no introduction. Trained by his uncle Rey Misterio Sr, Mysterio debuted in April 1989 and was a staple on the Tijuana and Southern California indies.  

His association with Konnan saw him appear in AAA, Promo Azteca, ECW, FMW, and eventually WCW. In WCW and ECW, he showcased the modern lucha libre style of the time. 

This style was pioneered by the likes of the late Oro, Lizmark, Jerry Estrada, and fellow Rey Misterio Sr trainee Misterioso among many others.  

Through the work he put in with WCW and stellar matches in the cruiserweight division he would catch the eye of WWE after some time on the U.S indies and Mexico in 2001. 

It would be his WWE career that garnered him the most fame and put him on a massive stage. He took would eventually become a two-time World champion and Grand Slam champion. 

While he had natural charisma and was one of the best pure babyfaces, it took time before he was decent on the mic. This is in part because it was rarely required for him to speak at length in promos. 

There are two flaws with Mysterio. The minor one is that his matches became extremely repetitive over time. This occurred once he hit a large stage—even though he mixed it up once he left WWE. 

The larger one is that Rey’s leave-it-all-on-the-dance-floor style resulted in him being very injury prone. Again, not entirely Rey’s fault but it wasn’t unusual to see him out of action for a period. 

When he was 100-percent he was almost peerless but when he got injured, you weren’t seeing him in the ring for a while. 

The Case for Psicosis 

If you didn’t watch WCW or couldn’t catch AAA during the 2000s and 2010s, you probably peeped Psicosis in WWE back in 2005-2006 as a member of the Mexicools with Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy. 

Psicosis was also trained by Rey Misterio Sr at the same time as Mysterio and debuted in March 1989. On the indies and elsewhere, he was Rey Rey’s rivalry and honestly had the best chemistry with him. 

His showdown with Rey Mysterio at ECW Gangstas Paradise in 1995 and six-man action against Rey and company at When Worlds Collide in 1994 really put him on the map in the U.S. 

We can’t forget his 1995 bout against Rey at WAR Super J Cup – 2nd Stage. Was it spotty? Oh, hell yes. It gloriously spotty—but so was their match at Gangstas Paradise. 

Psicosis would get his first taste of the big time after leaving AAA for WCW in 1996. He wasn’t pushed as hard as Rey Rey and only managed to capture the Cruiserweight title twice. 

While this could’ve been a massive break for Psicosis he pretty much a rank and file talent in the division who got to shine every now and then. His WWE stint was actually even worse. 

Psicosis didn’t have Mysterio’s natural charisma but he played the crazy punk heel very well in action. He took crazier bumps than Mysterio and just jammed well with him. 

His style was somewhat wilder and more reckless than Mysterio’s as well. Plus, he was better rounded. He shined in high flying exhibitions and hardcore action but could also wrestle on the mat if needed. 

The man wasn’t as injury prone as Rey Rey but lacked the star power of his rival. Car theft with a fake gun resulted in him being fired from WWE. 

Who Was Better: Rey Mysterio 

As big of a Psicosis fan as I am, I have to give it to Rey Rey. He had the star power and was immediately marketable. No promotion would have a problem putting Mysterio at the top. 

On the other hand, it would be risky considering he collects injuries like Chuck E. Cheese tickets. Psicosis could be pushed to the upper reaches but it would take work to present him as a legit main eventer. 

Plus, Rey has been in and around the upper reaches much longer than Psicosis. It’s to the point that if he left WWE, he would instantly be a main eventer anywhere. 

This one goes to Mysterio hands down. 

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