WWE Raw Preview (8/31) – Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

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WWE Raw Preview (8/31) – Rey Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins

For months, Seth Rollins has tormented Rey and Dominik Mysterio, and it ay finally come to an end tonight on WWE Raw.

After several tries, the Mysterios finally defeated Rollins and Murphy at Payback, but that wasn’t enough for one simple reason: Murphy was pinned.

Yep, had Rollins been pinned this would be over and we’d be moving onto different feuds. As it stands, Rey will be seeking to avenge his loss at Horror Show at Extreme Rules tonight.

But will he succeed?

Close but not close enough

This feud had the potential to end several times, but Rey hasn’t been able to put the Monday Night Moron, er, Messiah away yet for one reason or another.

But this could be his chance since Rollins and Murphy may be on the outs since Murphy was pinned last night.

Murphy will be all the more adamant to prove himself tonight, so he’ll be involved in the match’s outcome in some way, so Dominik better be ready to intervene.

But we don’t think Dominik will be the deciding factor.

For weeks, Samoa Joe has been getting more vocal and in Seth Rollins’ face, and we expect him to make his in ring return anytime now, and tonight’s WWE Raw could be it.

Rey will win

This feud has gone on for months, and it’s time to switch gears before it becomes really stale. Though it’s hard to argue it’s not considering Rey injured his eye twice in a couple of months.

It makes this feel like it’s on a rinse and repeat cycle, and it’s time for the final rinse and Rey to get a clean win over Rollins he deserves.

For this to happen, someone will have to eliminate Murphy from the equation, and while Dominik has shown glimpses, but Murphy’s the better fighter and will get the upper hand more times than not.

The fact he’ll be highly motivated only adds to his danger factor.

We think two things could happen here.

The first is Dominik manages to neutralize Murphy and Rey beats Rollins clean. In this scenario, Joe will be cheering away and Rollins will take exception to it and attack him after the match.

The other, and less likely as it’ll take away from Rey’s win, is that Joe will cold cock Murphy from behind if he gets the upper hand on Dominik.

We like the idea of Rollins and Joe getting into things after the match better, as it’ll give the Mysterios a chance to close out their chapter in this while Joe reopens his.

What do you think will happen? Let us know in the comments below.

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