WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (8/7) – Jeff Hardy Defeated King Corbin by DQ; Sheamus Defeated King Corbin

Jeff won by disqualification when Sheamus Brogue Kicked him from behind. Sheamus hit Corbin with a Brogue Kick for the pin

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap returned as the participants entered the ring.

They circled each before Jeff ducked Corbin’s charge and hit with an atomic drop before twisting Corbin’s arm and hitting with a couple of shoulder blocks.

Jeff then it with an inverted atomic drop and double leg drop for a near pinfall.

Corbin stunned Jeff with a shot to the throat, then countered a Twist of Fate with a clothesline and near pinfall.

Corbin continued hammering on Jeff as he mocked the fans, then threw Jeff out of the ring in front of the announcer’s desk.

Corbin nailed Jeff with several right hands, then through Jeff back in the ring for another close pinfall.

Corbin hit with several elbows on Jeff’s shoulders, then locked in an arm/shoulder lock that Jeff tried to fight out of, but Corbin pulled him back to the mat.

Jeff hit with a few elbows that forced Corbin to release his hold, and Jeff hit with a dropkick that sent Corbin out of the ring and into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Corbin caught his charge and hit with a Deep Six for a close three count.

Jeff fought out of an End of Days, but Corbin hit with a high knee that sent him out of the ring.

Sheamus then hit Jeff with a Brogue Kick and challenged Corbin, who left the ring to go after him, but a referee got between them as we headed to commercial.

King Corbin vs. Sheamus

We came back from commercial with Sheamus mauling Corbin.

Corbin slipped out of the ring, and then caught Sheamus with a clothesline when Sheamus followed him outside.

Corbin continued to keep the pressure on with various blows before he threw Sheamus into the ring.

Sheamus caught him with a knee, the clotheslined Corbin out of the ring.

Sheamus then threw Corbin into the barricade, and the announcer’s desk three times before introducing Corbin into the ring post.

Sheamus threw Corbin back in the ring and climbed to the top rope, but missed with a clothesline.

Corbin his with a sidewalk slam for a near pin, and threw Sheamus headfirst into the post, then hammered on him from behind.

After knocking Sheamus down with a right hand, Corbin locked him into an arm lock, and threw him back to the mat when Sheamus tried to power out of it not once but twice.

Sheamus tried once again to get to his feet, and he hit Corbin with several blows into the midsection.

He picked Corbin up, but Corbin slipped free and clotheslines Sheamus.

Matt Riddle then jumped through the ring to distract Corbin, and Sheamus hit with a Brogue Kick for the win.

All these disqualification and interrupted matches really threw off the flow for WWE Smackdown Results and Recap. This night just can’t seem to get on track.

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