WWE Smackdown Results and Recap (8/7) – Matt Riddle Defeated Sheamus by DQ

Shorty G attacked Riddle outside the ring, giving Riddle the DQ win and upsetting Sheamus

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WWE Smackdown Results and Recap here and this looks like it’s going to be a fun night, and WWE Smackdown Results and Recap are all set to get this party started.

Firefly Fun House

We started out night with a recap of Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt’s Swamp Fight (again) and a bit from last week’s Firefly Fun House.

This was followed by Nikki Cross’ and Bayley’s match and the Fiend’s attack on Alexa Bliss after Nikki shoved her down and left her in the ring.

It all led to a new episode of Firefly Funhouse where Wyatt said a bunch of haters have been DMing him on social media about what happened to Bliss (there’s even a petition online about this), and he pointed the finger at one of his many Strowman pictures.

This is an interesting part showing his entire fixation in on Strowman, not a hitlist of people that wronged him and it’s some really cool character growth.

He added that the Fiend will be on the show later with someone special, and he advised Strowman to give The Fiend what he wants of she’ll find out what he is capable of.

We’ve been speculating that the Fiend went after Bliss to draw Strowman out of hiding, and this pretty much solidified that.

Though if Strowman shows up, will Bliss turn on him? We’ll have to wait and see.

Looks like the new format of getting all of the promos done right away has been scrapped as we start out with a Matt Riddle match against Sheamus.

It was preceded by a recap of last week when Shorty G helped Corbin by hitting Riddle with a German suplex.

Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus

They start up with a tie up and Sheamus backed Riddle into the corner before breaking.

Riddle then climbed onto Sheamus’ back to try to put him to sleep, but Sheamus reached the ropes.

Sheamus followed it up with a takeover and a headlock, which Riddle reversed into a waist lock that Sheamus got out of.

They continued to circle each other until Sheamus caught Riddle with a knee to the ribs and followed with a few kicks before locking in an arm bar.

Riddle fought out of the arm bar with a few midsection strikes, and Riddle counted with his own arm bar and worked on Sheamus’ fingers.

Sheamus overpowered Riddle and power bombed him, then pounded on him.

Riddle refused to let go of the ropes and flipped Sheamus over him and outside, but Sheamus landed on the apron.

Sheamus hung him up on the ropes from behind, hit with a series of forearms to Riddle’s chest before heading to the top rope, where Riddle knocked him off and to the floor as he headed to commercial.

A fun ride comes to an end

We came back from commercial with Sheamus in control in the ring and hitting with three Irish Curse backbreakers before a pin attempt that Riddle kicked out of o two.

Riddle tried to fight his way out, and caught Sheamus with a kick to the side of his head to buy some time.

Riddle hit with a few midsection shots, then hit with a knee off the ropes, and a kick in the corner.

Riddle then hit with a running kick and a Broton, but Sheamus kicked out.

Riddle missed with a Floating Bro and Sheamus hit with a White Noise, but Riddle kicked out.

Riddle countered a Brogue Kick with a German suplex and bridge for a near pinfall.

Sheamus then rolled him up for a near pin, and his with a backbreaker before Riddle sidestepped his charge and Sheamus’ shoulder hit the ring post.

Riddle took the fight out of the ring, but Sheamus hit with a kick, leaving Riddle outside.

Riddles was about to get back into the ring when Riddle was attacked from behind by Short G.

After absorbing brief onslaught, Riddle fought back and bounced Gable into the announcer’s desk and then threw into the ring steps and finished it with a kick.

After the match, Sheamus threw Shorty G into the ring and hit him with a Brogue Kick and then berated him.

He criticized Shorty G for robbing him of a win for King Corbin’s ransom. He then his Shorty G with another Brogue Kick before leaving Gable in the ring.

This is something WWE Smackdown Results and Recap will be looking forward to down the road.

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