AEW Dynamite Results: FTR vs. Jurassic Express

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AEW Dynamite Results: FTR vs. Jurassic Express

At All Out, FTR became the third ever AEW Tag Team Champions when they ended the 228 Day reign of Kenny Omega & Hangman Page. While the previous champs defended the belts against all comers, FTR feel teams need to earn a shot at these titles, and Jurassic Express members Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus will seek to do just that when they meet FTR in a non-title match.

The Young Bucks Strike Again

Before this match could get started, The Young Bucks would rush the ring. They are currently being fined 10K for superkicking Alex Marvez last week, and came to the ring to knock referee Mike Posey out too, before being sent to the back, and they’d just throw the stack of money at Tony Khan backstage for this future fine. FTR would look on, being pretty impressed by The Young Bucks, and make their way to the ring for their match.

50/50 In The Early Going

Harwood would start this match with Jungle Boy, and quickly FTR would start this match their way. They would target the arm and look to isolate Jungle Boy, but Harwood would get outwrestled by the bright rookie. An armdrag and a dropkick would stun Harwood, and take Wheeler out along the way before going after a tag to Luchasaurus.

The big man was in, and FTR would take some time to rethink their strategy before getting into it with the dinosaur. Their plan would be to attack Jungle Boy, and attack a distracted Luchasaurus. You’re not gonna beat him head on, but FTR are smart enough to know this.

Luchasaurus would break free, and force Harwood out of his comfort zone as he ascends the top rope. He’d come off with grace, right into a powerslam by Luchasaurus, then be chucked into the corner for a beatdown, tagging Jungle Boy in for a double team.

A flipping senton off the back of Luchasaurus would get a two count, and Harwood would be isolated, until a hard back elbow put the good looks of Jungle Boy at risk. He’d come back with a hurricanrana to both members of FTR, and was looking good until he was caught in a powerslam and stuck in a Bow & Arrow lock.

FTR Look To Seize 100% Control

The early goal of isolating Jungle Boy would be successful now, as quick tags in and out keep FTR fresh, and tandem offense would punish him. Jungle Boy would fight for the tag, instead get caught in another double team. He wouldn’t be easily beaten however, and would dodge a dropkick from Wheeler and try to crawl to the tag.

Harwood would intercept, but be taken out with a lariat and tag in Luchasaurus. He’d clean house, taking out both members of FTR, even throwing them into each other before chokeslamming Wheeler and hitting a standing moonsault. He’d almost be hit with a double team DDT, but would slip out and Jungle Boy would tag in. A spin kick followed by a lariat to the back of the head of Harwood would get a 2.9 count.

Wheeler would take out Luchasaurus on the apron, and Harwood would drop Jungle Boy in the ring. Harwood was able to make the tag, but Jungle Boy countered the powerslam into a pinfall attempt. He’d counter everything FTR threw at him for several moves, almost getting the win many times.

Luchasaurus would enter the ring only to be taken out by Wheeler, and Jungle Boy would again almost win with a rollup. Wheeler would send Luchasaurus into the crowd, and Harwood would get help from Wheeler gaining leverage on another rollup, and FTR reached a 9-0 record.

Who can stop FTR? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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