AEW Late Night Dynamite Results: Anna Jay vs. Brandi Rhodes

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AEW Late Night Dynamite Results: Anna Jay vs. Brandi Rhodes

While Late Night Dynamite’s other two matches were more exhibition matches, this one continues the storyline between The Nightmare Family & The Dark Order. When Mr. Brodie Lee laid out Cody Rhodes, Brandi Rhodes came out to shield her husband from further abuse, only to be choked out by Anna Jay. Now they meet one on one, and we will see if The Queen Slayer can choke Brandi out once again, for the glory of Dark Order.

An Absolute War

Before the bell could even ring, Brandi Rhodes was already throwing blows at Anna Jay. The referee would call for the bell, and Jay hit a big knee to the stomach. Rhodes came back with a spear, her finishing move earlier. Jay rolled to the apron, and would be dropped with a DDT on the hardest part of the ring. Rhodes would hit the Thesz Press and rain shots down on Jay, and then start a Violence Party in the corner.

This one is all Rhodes, but Jay would apply the Queen Slayer Rear Naked Choke, but Rhodes countered into a pinfall. Rhodes would get on top of Jay again, raining punches down. Jay would get up, prop Rhodes in the corner and scratch the back before stomping Rhodes into the mat. Some kicks to the gut would be followed by a snap suplex, really popping the hips for extra impact.

Rhodes would be pulled around the ring and hit with heavy strikes, before being choked in the corner with the boot of Jay. A flipping neckbreaker would get a two count, and Jay would apply a submission to grind her opponent down, but Rhodes broke out.

Anna Jay Is The Future Of AEW

Rhodes would get back into this match with some running lariats, before hitting a slingblade. Uno & Greyson of Dark Order would come to ringside, and distract the referee, who missed a visual pinfall on Jay who got run through with a big boot. Jay would hit a hook kick on Rhodes, before applying the Queen Slayer again, the hooks were in and Rhodes was done.

It’s insane how good Anna Jay already is, and this was perhaps the best match we’ve ever seen from Brandi Rhodes. Is Anna Jay the future of the AEW Women’s Division? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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