AEW Late Night Dynamite Results: Matt Sydal vs. Shawn Spears

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AEW Late Night Dynamite Results: Matt Sydal vs. Shawn Spears

In professional wrestling, first impressions are important, which is unfortunate for Matt Sydal. This world travelled veteran made his debut at All Out, only to slip and fall off the top turnbuckle in his first minute. He got a chance to redeem himself as part of Late Night Dynamite, when he will face a man on a winning streak, Shawn Spears. Will Sydal bounce back, or slip up again?

A Great Showing For Matt Sydal

Sydal & Spears would lock up, with Spears shoving Sydal into the corner and rubbing his elbow into the face. Spears had a clear size and strength advantage, giving him an edge in the early chain wrestling. Sydal would use his speed to take control of this match with a side headlock, but Spears fought out and slammed Sydal’s head into the corner.

Spears threw Sydal to the outside, and looked to vault over the top onto Sydal, but ended up landing back first on the apron instead. He’d be thrown back into the ring, but managed to hit a baseball slide on Sydal to get some extra time to breathe, as we went to a commercial break.

Coming back to this one, Spears is perched on the top rope but would be taken down by a hurricanrana by Sydal. Sydal pressed this advantage with some heavy kicks, before dropping him with The Slice. This got a two count, and Sydal would go for a standing twisting moonsault for a near fall. Sydal went to the middle rope, and tried for a Swinging DDT but the power of Spears stopped him.

Shawn Spears Has A Loaded Left Hand

Spears would hit a big sitout spinebuster for a near fall, unable to put Sydal away. Heavy chops would be launched, but Sydal staggered Spears with a high jumping knee, only to be hit with a knee drop brainbuster after Spears countered the suplex attempt. Spears went for the C4 Death Valley Driver, Sydal made his way over the rope and stunned him with kicks.

Sydal would wipe the turnbuckle off before going up top, preventing the slip up from All Out repeating. He’d come off with the Meteora, getting a near fall. Spears slipped to the outside and took a seat on a chair at ringside, only to be run through with a dropkick. There’s no time outs in wrestling.

Tully Blanchard loaded the glove of Spears, making that left hand a certain knockout blow. Sydal drug him into position for the Shooting Star Press, but Spears rolled out of the way. The left hand would miss, and Spears attempted the C4 again. Sydal slipped out, would get punched in the face and the C4 would land, ending this match.

Scorpio Sky would come to the aid of his old friend, setting up a match between him and Shawn Spears down the line. Do you want to see that match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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