Jeff Jarrett: Forgotten MMA Legend of Impact Wrestling

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Jeff Jarrett: Forgotten MMA Legend of Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling has had many wrestlers come through it ropes in over 18 years of operation. The greatest gimmick to ever grace Impact television was Double-M-A with Double J—Jeff Jarrett. 

Sure, we know Jeff Jarrett as a capable veteran of WWE, WCW, Impact Wrestling, and Mexico but we tend to forget about his elite MMA ability.

The Jarrett-Angle Feud 

Impact Wrestling’s co-founder had been a face since 2007 before all of this. He married Kurt Angle’s ex-wife Karen and was still involved in the company. 

Not getting into the murkiness of the relationship and having two stars signed to the promotion while an ex marries one of the two stars but the feud between the two was heated. 

Watching it play out was occasionally uncomfortable. It was like watching the Matt Hardy vs. Edge feud from 2005 only better booked. 

Both are favorites of mine but there were times when it was like “If Jarrett gets injured trying something funny with an Olympic gold medalist whose wife he snatched…that’s points against him.” 

Of course, both Jarrett and Angle are professionals but figuring out who was the face and who was the heel could get murky at times. It was one of those rare feuds in TNA where it played out well from start to finish. 

The Greatest MMA Enthusiast of All Time: Jeff Jarrett 

While there were a couple of epic moments such as Ax Murderer Angle interrupting the Jarretts’ wedding, the greatest moment resulted in Jeff Jarrett’s greatest gimmick ever. 

Seeking to deal with the wrestling machine that was Kurt Angle and his Ankle Lock, Jarrett became an MMA enthusiast. Yes, double-M-A with Double J, people. 

It was goofy as hell but Jarrett’s heel work was top-notch here. He plays an obnoxious bad guy much better than he plays the franchise player and this gimmick showed it. 

Seriously, Jarrett was in grave danger in a match that favored Angle. Submission match? Go ahead and get the graphic for recently deceased wrestlers ready for Double J. An iron man match? He’s going to the Gulag. 

The ludicrousness of the gimmick against Angle being hellbent on ending Jarrett is what made it and the feud. He was taking on challengers to show his submission prowess and everything. 

However, the icing on the cake was when Jarrett Dojo went to a kids’ martial arts class and Double J challenged children to show his submission supremacy. Check it out below! 

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