Ring Of Honor Launches New 24/7 Content Channel, Best On The Planet

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Ring Of Honor Launches New 24/7 Content Channel, Best On The Planet

Following in the footsteps of Impact Wrestling who does something similar on Twitch TV, you can now sit back and watch Ring Of Honor programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Known as ROH: Best On The Planet, this is going to be a great resource for fans of the company.

ROH Best On The Planet Lacks The Function Of HonorClub, But Is Free

Much like how Impact Wrestling’s Twitch streams don’t take away from Impact+, HonorClub will remain in service for Ring Of Honor. Best On The Planet is a linear network, with fans not being able to choose what they watch at any given time. It’s just a constant stream of content from their backlog, making it a nice free option for fans of ROH.

HonorClub still has upwards to fifty matches added every single week, and their working their way through the backlog of ROH shows slowly but surely. Once their archive includes more classic content from the days of men like Samoa Joe, people will likely be more keen on signing up. Until then, this provides them a nice easy option for fans to watch their shows.

“This is in line with our mission to be the most engaging promotion for all wrestling fans with the easiest accessibility to the absolute Best Wrestling On The Planet. ROH Best On The Planet provides us another unique platform to maximize exposure and fan experience.” is what ROH COO Joe Koff had to say.

Can Be Watched On STIRR Right Now

Right now they’re still rolling this new service out, but it can be found on STIRR, an ad-supported, live streaming service created by ROH’s parent company Sinclair Broadcast Group. This is a free application that provides TV channels, and ROH Best On The Planet has a channel dedicated to itself.

There are more distribution partners to be announced, with them hopefully starting up a Twitch Channel like Impact Wrestling has, giving it better access. Giving it a quick look earlier, stream quality is good and it was a nice variety of matches from the promotion, great background viewing or for when you don’t know what to watch.

Is Best On The Planet something that is interesting to you, or does ROH need to come up with something more streamlined to bring fans in? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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