Ring Of Honor Pure Championship Tournament Results: Rocky Romero vs. David Finlay

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One of the best dynamics in a match is student vs. teacher, and that is what we will get when Rocky Romero faces David Finlay Jr. Finlay is a product of the NJPW Dojo, and so is Romero, just with about a decade separating their training. They know what makes each other tick, but only one will move on with a victory.

Finlay knows every trick in the book of the King Of Sneaky Style, and has some new ones up his own sleeve. Romero is a tag team specialist, the manager of Roppongi 3K, and one of the English commentators for New Japan Pro Wrestling, but any time he gets a singles match? He shines as bright as anyone.

Testing The Waters

The code of honor would be adhered too, and they’d both try to find an opening to tie up with the other. Romero would go behind Finlay, and they’d go back and forth with standing switches, until Romero grabbed an arm, and Finlay broke it off.

Romero would go for his finisher early, the Diablo Armbar. This wasn’t to look for a win, but to force Finlay to use up one of his three rope breaks. Finlay got his foot on the rope, and Romero gave a quick stomp to the back to show that he means business. This woke Finlay up, who’d grab a side headlock, got shoved off and come back with a heavy shoulder block.

Romero would use a headscissor takeover, and Finlay almost used his second rope break on instinct, but stopped himself. He’d be pummeled in the corner, but a big kick would stun Romero, and a suplex would get a two count. Finlay would press his advantage, and grind down his mentor as we go to a commercial break.

Coming back, Finlay would remain in control but Romero was throwing some heavy strikes his way. Despite this, Romero would end up trapped in the middle of the ring with a camel clutch, also gaining wrist control.

Romero would break free from the camel clutch and realizing this match was slipping away from him, he’d go for a tornado DDT off the ropes to drop Finlay. He’d go after the previously injured shoulder of Finlay, dropping the knee on it and hitting arm breakers aplenty. Finlay crawled to the ropes for support, and Romero hit a double stomp to the back.

Rocky Romero & David Finlay Go To War

Some quick strikes and an attempt at Sliced Bread would be Romero’s next move, but Finlay countered and hit a scoop slam into the ropes. This caused Romeros knee to snap off the rope, and then a foot DDT would further attack the knee, softening the limb up for Finlays new secret submission.

An Indian Deathlock would be applied, with lots of pressure on the knee. Romero would use some open hand strikes to try and fight out, only for Finlay to drop back down fast, and force Romero to use his first rope break.

A slugfest would break out in the middle of the ring, Romero would get the better of it with his only legal closed fist and hitting the Sliced Bread for a two count. Romero would apply the Diablo Armbar in the middle of the ring, forcing Finlay to slip to the rope and use his second rope break, leaving him one more.

Romero would go for Sliced Bread once again, but it would be countered into a heavy backbreaker for a two count. Finlay would go for the Knee Drop Brainbuster he calls ‘Trash Panda’ and put Romero away. He will go on to face Jay Lethal next, can he beat the former World Champion? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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