ROH Pure Championship Tournament: Silas Young vs. Fred Yehi

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Fred Yehi is called the SavageWeight, and he’s one of the best grapplers in the world. He’s making his ROH debut here after eight years in the industry, and he’s one of the men built for this tournament. Yehi was inspired by men like Danielson & Low Ki, and is ready to face the tough as nails Silas Young.

Silas Young is an 18 year veteran of professional wrestling, and The Last Real Man has wrestled under Pure rules a year ago, taking Jonathan Gresham to the limit, with Gresham cheating to win. He’s not known as a technical wizard, but he’s faced the best of the best and has worked his way to the top, a multi-time TV champion, and his training with Josh Woods has him ready for this match. This is his match to lose.

SavageWeight vs. The Last Real Man

Code of honor would be adhered to with a handshake, but Young had some extra words for Yehi to get him fired up before they locked up. This lockup wouldn’t lead anywhere, before they’d just start throwing strikes as Yehi made this one physical, before Young grabbed an arm to start the chain wrestling. Yehi would ground Young, but ended up with his arm getting nabbed and struck with the knee, before Yehi got free.

They’d be evenly matched in terms of power, but Yehi won a knuckle lock and forced Young to the ground and bent that wrist in a horrific manner. Young got up, would be grabbed in a headlock and while he shoved Yehi off, he just came back hard with a shoulder block. The trash talking from Young would continue, before he’d appear to lose another knuckle lock and then go for the legs and apply a single leg crab.

Yehi grabbed a leg of his own, was able to turn this around into a hold of his own in the middle of the ring with a standing Indian Deathlock, before turning it over and forcing Young to use a rope break. The referee had to help Yehi undo the hold, putting some extra damage on Young. We’d cut to a commercial break at this time, and when action came back, Young was flinged off the middle rope hard into the center of the ring, despite being in control through the break.

Fred Yehi Shows He Belongs In Ring Of Honor

Yehi took complete control of the match, driving hard knees to the chest of Young and really had the veteran in trouble. He was being pulled apart by the debutee, a spinning chop would drop Young and Yehi would apply his finishing hold, the Koji Clutch! Young managed to fight through the pain and roll out, before almost getting pinned.

He’d mount a comeback with some running boots and a diving DDT, not getting the pinfall. An attempt at a German Suplex was countered by Yehi, who got one of his own, before hitting a cannonball senton in the corner. Young managed a brainbuster out of pure desperation, and would prop Yehi on the top rope. A superplex would be the plan, and Yehi crashed hard into the middle of the ring, only to eat Young’s finisher before playing possum and getting a rollup.

With just over two minutes left, both men would get desperate, and Yehi would use the inside cradle pin to end this match at 13 minutes to advance with an upset victory. Yehi will face the winner of Tracy Williams vs. Rust Taylor, and could be a favorite to win this one after this incredible performance.

Should ROH sign Fred Yehi? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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