Which Former NXT Champion Is Coming Back For Their Gold?

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On this past week’s episode of NXT, we saw a unique video package. Shot entirely in night vision, we see someone break into a room holding the NXT Championship in a glass case, with it stating they are coming back to take what is rightfully theirs. This is leading to something on 10-04-2020, the night of NXT Takeover 31. There were some clues to their identity within this clip, but nothing concrete.

What We Know About This Returning NXT Champion

The list of what we currently know about this situation is sadly small. It is a former champion who left NXT to join the main roster, and likely someone who has been off TV for some time. Another clue comes from the poster for NXT Takeover Orlando showing up in this video package, with the corner of the poster showing Andrade vs. Aleister Black being shown.

Andrade is currently in a tag team program with Angel Garza, and they just got on the same page, making him leaving Garza behind unlikely. Others featured prominently who could be this returning star on this poster include Bobby Roode who was NXT Champion at the time, Aleister Black who faced Andrade. Finally Ember Moon, who faced Asuka for the NXT Women’s Championship. They all held gold in NXT at some point, and are the only returning champions who would make sense here.

This poster could be a red herring however, with many suspecting former NXT Champions Bo Dallas & Kevin Owens. These both seem unlikely, as the figure doesn’t match Owens or Dallas. The same reason also removes Samoa Joe as an option. 

Ember Moon Is The Front Runner With Fans

After a lacking run on the WWE main roster and getting injured in a chase for the 24/7 Championship, Ember Moon is nearing a likely return date. The figure in this video is not someone large, and their build and hand roughly matches up with that of Ember Moon. She was at her best in NXT, where a face paced in ring style can take predicent over character, which is all Moon lacks.

This would also help to fix Moon’s lack of character, giving her something to work with in this hacker like gimmick. However, details are unclear, and we will hopefully get another vignette this week on NXT before their return at NXT Takeover 31. Who are you hoping to see return to NXT? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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