WWE Raw Preview (9/20) – Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee for WWE Clash of Champions Opportunity (Again)

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WWE Raw Preview (9/20) – Drew McIntyre vs. Keith Lee for WWE Clash of Champions Opportunity (Again)

No one can say WWE Raw isn’t predictable with their booking as we’re going to see another match between Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee.

The stipulation is the same as last week: If Lee wins and Randy Orton can’t compete at Clash of Champions on September 27, then Kee will face McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

Repeat with a twist

Last week’s match between the pair was a pretty good one until Retribution got involved. Had the Hurt Business (MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander) not intervened they’d be hyping up another injury.

As it stands, the Hurt Business is in the thick of things with Retribution now, making themselves targets for attacks and upcoming matches when Retribution loses their masks.

For them, we expect another confrontation this week, and probably to close the show backstage this time.

This will allow McIntyre and Lee to reach another unsatisfying conclusion to their match leading to the pay-per-view.

In short, there’s going to be interference again this week.

While we don’t expect the WWE to be foolish enough to have Retribution attack for a second straight week, it’s possible.

If they don’t we expect Randy Orton to play a role in it.

Can’t lose

The WWE has long destroyed wrestlers in the eyes of fans with their 50/50 booking, meaning they trade wins back and forth to continue a rivalry.

While it extends storylines, it robs the wrestlers of the opportunity to build themselves up and become dominant.

While this isn’t a true case of 50/50, WWE Raw can’t afford to have McIntyre or Lee lose this close to the pay-per-view.

They’ve built McIntyre into they type of champion we used to see regularly, and they’ve also built Lee up to someone McIntyre struggles to handle, setting the stage for a rivalry after Clash of Champions.

So, we think Randy Orton will make an appearance and take Lee and McIntyre out, causing another no contest ending and keeping McIntyre and Lee strong heading forward.

To be fair, it’d be pretty cool to have Orton appear at the pay-per-view unexpected, though that would lead to a Triple Threat match most likely, and the WWE has been maxing out these gimmick matches.

But we’re going to throw a wrench into this idea and say Orton will attack McIntyre to cause a disqualification for Lee and take him out of the running.

But then we’re back to the Triple Threat match at Clash of Champions.

Which ended do you think will happen Let us know in the comments below.

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