WWE Raw Results (9/21) – Keith Lee Defeated Drew McIntyre

Lee won by disqualification when Orton attacked McIntyre with a steel chair

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WWE Raw Results (9/21) – Keith Lee Defeated Drew McIntyre

WWE Raw Results noticed there’s an ambulance parked next to the entrance ramp to signify McIntyre and Randy Orton’s Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions. Maybe Orton’s hiding inside?

The match started with Lee sidestepping a really sad-looking Claymore attempt, and then locked McIntyre in a side headlock.

McIntyre was able to work out of his, and slapped on his own headlock on Lee, and managed to keep Lee from powering out of it.

 Lee pushed McIntyre off and into a cornet, and McIntyre jumped over him then missed with a clothesline before Keith Lee hit with a shoulder block that sent McIntyre to the floor.

On the floor, Lee stalked McIntyre, but McIntyre hit with a couple of punches to Lee’s midsection. Lee rolled into the ring, and then back out when McIntyre enters.

Lee hit with a double slap, and McIntyre suplex slammed him on the announcing table as we headed to commercial.

Surprise is in the air

Back in the ring, they’re back in the ring and McIntyre hit with a kick and chop, but Lee fought back with several blows to McIntyre’s midsection.

Lee then hit with a clothesline and a couple of splashes.

McIntyre wasn’t able to get Lee up for a Samoan drop, and McIntyre took a solid shot to the jaw, followed by a pin attempt.

Lee slowed down as he had second thoughts about their match, but Lee still put McIntyre up for a Spirit Bomb.

Lee held McIntyre up for a long time, and McIntyre countered it into a hurricanrana, and then hit with a spin buster for a near pinfall.

McIntyre then hit with a neckbreaker for a near pinfall.

McIntyre tried a Future Shock DDT, but Lee drove him into a corner, and Lee ate a reverse elbow when he charged in.

McIntyre charged him and was hit with a chokeslam for another near pinfall.

The pair exchanged blows in the middle of the ring before Lee hit with a clothesline for a near pinfall.

McIntyre slipped out of Spirit Bomb and hit a Claymore, but Randy Orton nailed McIntyre from behind with a steel chair a couple of times, then pressed the edge of the chair in McIntyre’s injured jaw.

After throwing the chair out of the ring, Orton his Lee with a Punt Kick.

Another interesting point is Keith Lee won by DG. We smell a Triple Threat coming.

The Viper’s Message

We returned and Orton was still in the ring, and he said, “Shame on all of you for doubting me.”

He went on about in his 20 years in the WWE he’s been the one constant by never walking away from a title match.

He added that the World Title match as Clash of Champions isn’t a normal title match.

He then left the ring and made his way to the ambulance and opened the doors.

He said he took a ride in that very ambulance a couple of weeks ago because McIntyre hit him with 3 Claymores.

He continued that as he was strapped to the stretcher, he faded in and out of consciousness.

He realized this is what it feels like to be taken out by the Legend Killer.

He added that when he woke up, he smiled because he remembered exactly what he’s capable of.

He said how an ambulance represents hope and healing, but also pain and agony. For him, it represents his 14th world championship.

Randy finished by saying he’ll take McIntyre out with an RKO at Clash of Champions.

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