WWE Raw Results (9/21) – Kevin Owens Show featuring Shane McMahon

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WWE Raw Results (9/21) - Kevin Owens Show featuring Shane McMahon

WWE Raw Results are curious about this, since anytime Shane and KO are around each other there’s a fun exchange waiting for us.

In the ring, Owens mentioned how the last time on his show, he was attacked by Aleister Black, but he took care of him so he’s moving forward with someone he never thought he’d have on his show.

Lawler wasted no time in calling Shane “The Best in the World.”

Owens kept it cordial and invited Shane to have a seat. They both said how this was strange given their history.

Owens said he probably should be upset that Shane’s back after he got him fired.

Owens then said Shane’s doing what he does best: promote.

Shane called it the “Battle of the Behemoths” between Dabbo-Kato and Braun Strowman.

Shane added that he appreciated being on the Kevin Owens’ show and that Owens had met Dabbo-Kato before, and Shane brought him out to officially meet Owens.

Owens may feel like he’s getting set up on this one.

Owens said this is why he wanted Shane on his show, because he knew Kato would be right behind him.

Owens remembered what Kato did to him two weeks ago, and Owens told Kato that he respects that Kato is focused on Strowman.

Owens slapped Kato, saying they’ll have their chance to face each other again.

While Shane tried to keep Kato calm, Owens introduced his other guest, Braun Strowman.

Shane kept working to keep things calm, saying it’s not going to happen on the Kevin Owens Show, and if they want a match, it’ll only be on Raw Underground.

While that was going on. Black grabbed Owens by his feet and pulled him back, slamming his groin into the post a couple of times without anyone else seeing it.

As Shane worked to keep the big men calm, Black yelled at Owens on the floor, “Remember me!”

Charly has perfect timing

Backstage Charly approached Drew McIntyre and asked him if he had any question about competing with a fractured jaw, and McIntyre said next question.

The next question was about his fractured friendship with Keith Lee, and McIntyre said it’s just business since anyone with the company should want the WWE title.

He added that they’ll probably laugh about this over drinks sometime, and he closed it out by saying he’ll buy the drink after he beats Lee.

WWE Raw Results returned from commercial to find Retribution goons beating the stuffing out of Titus O’Neal and Humberto Carrillo backstage at the loading dock.

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