WWE Smackdown Results (9/25) – Lacey Evans Defeated Alexa Bliss by Disqualification

Alexa stood in Evans’ back and wouldn’t stop stomping her, forcing a DQ

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WWE Smackdown Results (9/25) – Lacey Evans Defeated Alexa Bliss by Disqualification

WWE Smackdown Results have been waiting to this match to see what they’re planning for Alexa Bliss, and it looked like we wouldn’t be disappointed.

The match started with them locking up and Evans pushed Alexa into the corner, but as they broke Alexa rolled her up for a near pinfall.

Evans kicked her in the leg, and coming off the ropes, Alexa rolled her up for another pin attempt.

Evans caught her kick attempt, and nailed Alexa with a right before whipping her into the corner.

Evans did her hanky bit, then bashed Alexa’s head off the bottom turnbuckle and hit with her handstand drop, then locked in a reverse chinlock.

When Alexa started to get to her feet, Evans threw her to the mat, then trid to choke her on the ropes before throwing her back and trying another pin attempt.

Alexa fought back, countering a couple of attempts to throw her into the other turnbuckle, then slammed Evans into the mat.

The Fiend’s laughter filled the Thunderdome as we headed to commercial.

Fiendish influence

We came back with Evans in control once again after Alexa was distracted by the laughter.

Evans locked in a stretch hold and slammed Alexa’s face into the mat a couple of times before pulling Alexa back by the neck several times.

Evans hasn’t stopped insulting Alexa throughout the match.

Alexa countered a throw into a corner, but Evans dodged her charge and slammed her into the turnbuckle.

Evans racked her face across the ropes, hit with a pair of knees, then swept Alexa’s legs out before hitting with a kick over the top ropes to send Alexa to the floor.

Alexa climbed back into the ring and Evans tried a couple of pin attempts, and Alexa ducked her charged into the corner.

Alexa followed it with a clothesline, shoulder block, slap and basement dropkick.

Alexa paused, giving Evans the chance to counter, but Evans missed her moonsault off the top rope.

The arena’s lights turned red and the Fiends screeching music played.

When it faded, Alexa went psychotic on Evans as she tackeld her and beat her down from pillar to post.

The referee disqualified her when she stood on Evans’ back and keot stomping on her, but she didn’t stop there.

She shoved Evans out to the floor and hit a Sister Abigail by a announce table, then rolled into the ring.

The Fiend’s voice said, “Let me in!” and his image appeared on the screens, bringing a psychotic smile to her face.

This is something straight out of a horror movie, and WWE Smackdown Results is loving it!

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