Does All Elite Wrestling Need A New Creative Direction?

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It’s been a fun year in professional wrestling and a huge reason for that was the birth of All Elite Wrestling as they changed the landscape.

The change was immediate as the WWE took notice and began taking steps to eliminate any competition by putting NXT across from AEW Dynamite, demanding loyalty, and so on.

In short, WWE was gearing up for another war and the Wednesday Night Wars began. But they’ve been nothing like the Monday Night Wars, but it’s still been fun.

They gave a place for talent to go that didn’t involve being buried on a roster like WWE has been accused of doing.

Fresh change of pace

At first, it was a fresh change of pace that was a company run by wrestlers and wrestling fans for wrestlers and wrestling fans.

It brought us exciting wrestlers from Japan and the Indie scene that many of us haven’t seen before, and they’ve since branched out by opening their borders and bringing in talent from other organizations.

At first, it was cool that the Executive Vice Presidents are current talent and in charge of their respective decisions.

It included Tony Kahn as president, Cody for the singles division, The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) heading the tag teams, and Brandi Rhodes as Chief Brand Officer and head of the women’s division.

Kenny Omega filled out the EVP roles as a liaison between Japan and the talent there.

As a creative team, they worked well together as they leaned on Chris Jericho to carry the torch early on and give them a proven champion to lead the charge.  

Lately, Tony Kahn has reportedly taken more of an active role in the creative direction aside from just having the final say, and it’s reportedly added to the stories.

But the last month or two, things have grown a little stale and goofy.

First year progress

While the current creative direction is questionable for many fans, it’s important to note that they have maintained a steady fanbase of the 18-49 demographic.

In short, their fanbase hasn’t grown like we’d assume it should, and that goes back to the booking and the apparent desire to remain where they are.

They seem content to keep what they have and they have been accused of catering to their fanbase by more than a few people in the business.

And this is why a new creative decision All Elite Wrestling needs to go in.

It’s not so much as blowing things up, but cutting back on the same type of matches and endings we’ve grown accustomed to.

Possible Tweaks

They show they’ve learned after destroying Lance Archer, Brian Cage, and Brodie Lee’s characters by having them lose their debuts or first pay-per-view matches.

Moxley’s a great champion, but he’s in the “Stone Cold” Steve Austin mold, and because of that, he feels more suited to chasing the championship and holding it for short stretches than not to us.

Focusing on those three and allowing them to win some championships would be a great start, as would allowing Kenny Omega to get into the AEW Championship picture.

It just makes sense that Omega and Hangman Adam page would feud over the AEW Championship given their recent history, and that may actually be the plan going forward.

We just feel Omega should’ve been in the world title picture sooner, assuming they found someone to handle a lot of his managerial tasks with Japan.

It’s just some tweaks as fans we’d like to see to set it back to the exciting edge it was on for most of the years.

As with anything, we all have differing opinions, and we’d like to hear yours. Is there anything you’d change about the current All Elite Wrestling storylines or should they continue on the path they’ve set?

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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