Ring Of Honor Results: Jay Lethal vs. Tracy Williams

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The ROH Pure Championship tournament continues trudging forward. Tracy Williams felt destined for this championship, and he managed to make it this far, defeating Rust Taylor & Fred Yehi. Now, he faces his biggest challenge yet, former ROH Pure Champion, Jay Lethal. Williams feels like Lethal doesn’t know him, or even respect him, but after this match: he will. Lethal beat Dalton Castle & David Finlay Jr. to get here.

This is a first time singles encounter, and the winner goes on to face Jonathan Gresham in the finals, having beaten Josh Woods earlier in the night. Lethal is 2-1 over WIlliams in tag team matches.

Tracy Williams Forces Lethal To Use The Ropes

Code of Honor would be adhered too, and we’d get right into this match. Williams would force Lethal into the corner with a lockup, breaking things up without a rope break. Lethal would retake control, but when things went to the rmat? Williams got right back to it, and started to grind Lethal down.

Don’t count Lethal out though, as he got control of the limbs and would tie Williams up like a pretzel, wrapping up the legs and yanking on the arms. This would attack the previously injured shoulder of Williams, a smart move by Lethal. Williams would break out, but quickly end up in a headlock.

Lethal lost control, Williams grabbed the leg and Lethal would use his first rope break of the match to break out. Back to their feet, Williams would again go after the leg with a trip and apply a standing keylock. Lethal shoved Williams off into the ropes, but as he tried to follow up, Williams would catch Lethal in midair with a rollup.

When this only got a two count, Williams would quickly get into a crossface. Lethal had to use two of his three rope breaks, and we were not even five minutes into this match.

Jay Lethal Stays In This Match

Clearly frustrated by this, Lethal would get right into this and get a rear waist lock, taking Williams to the mat and applying a single leg crab. Williams fought out and gained wrist control, and got both men back to a vertical base.

This prompted Lethal to throw some open palm strikes, before going for an O’Connor Roll, sensed he wasn’t getting the three count and instead applied the Figure Four Leglock, and Williams would use his first rope break of the match.

A commercial break would come and go, and Williams would be back in control with a Koji Clutch in the middle of the ring. He’d grab the legs and this was too much, allowing Lethal to roll back into a pinfall and break this submission. Williams would remain aggressive, and hit some elbow strikes. He was wrestling a perfect match.

Tracy Williams Hurts His Shoulder

They’d get back to a vertical base, but after sending Lethal to the corner, he’d be sent to the apron. Lethal would hit the springboard dropkick, and Williams would be the target of a suicide dive. Williams avoided, and hit the shotgun dropkick, but hurt his shoulder due to an awkward landing.

It would take some time for Williams to get back to his feet, as referee Todd Sinclair started his count. Williams took a nice long look at the Pure Championship at ringside, remembering what he’s fighting for and getting back in the ring. He’d ask Lethal what he’s waiting for, and this one would speed right up.

Lethal rushed in with a boot, Williams dodged and went for the leg, but Lethal hit the dropkick’s shoulder. He’d attack that shoulder on the mat, and this lingering injury was a clear target. A shoulder breaker would get a near fall, and then a Fujiwara Armbar would be applied. Williams used his second rope break to escape.

With one good arm, Williams would fight back with some stiff strikes, before taking an enziguri to the shoulder. He’d try to stay in it and climb the ropes, baiting Lethal in and hitting a DDT off the top turnbuckle. The piledriver would hit, and this one would have been over, had Lethal not gotten his foot on the bottom rope. That was his last rope break.

Would Lethal Injection End The Match Again?

Williams knew this was his last chance, and he’d look for the crossface. Lethal fought this off, and while Williams got the hold, he didn’t have the usual power to hold it. Williams lost control, and Lethal hit the cutter. The Lethal Injection would follow, and while this should have ended it, Williams used his final rope break to save this match.

It was do or die now, and they’d throw strikes in the middle of the ring. Lethal hit double axe strikes and an enziguri to the arm, but Williams kept moving forward. That was until he was whipped right into the mat, and Lethal went high for the Hail To The King elbow drop.

Lethal called for the Lethal Injection, but Williams caught him in a rear naked choke in the middle of the ring. He’d try for the ropes, but he had already used all his breaks, so instead pushed into a pinfall. Williams survived, rolled into a crossface and used everything he had to make Lethal submit.

This was hands down the best match of the tournament thus far, an easy 4.5 star affair. Tracy Williams will meet Jonathan Gresham in the finals. Who will win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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