Ring Of Honor Results: PJ Black vs. Josh Woods [Pure Championship Tournament]

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PJ Black has spent too long being pigeon-holed as a high flyer, but he’s a man who knows thousands of submission holds. Thousands of holds people have never, and his opponents only get three rope breaks. It’s all about being able to apply these holds, and Josh Woods isn’t going to make this easy.

Woods won the first round by decision, not able to put away Kenny King in 15 minutes. This win was due to King using that closed fist punch, which the judges didn’t like, but Woods has a chance for a definitive win in this one. Black overcame Tony Deppen, showing some great strikes, wrestling, and all around wrestled a great match before winning with a Crucifix Driver. Woods is 1-0 against PJ Black coming into this match.

Josh Woods Is The Better Wrestler

The Code Of Honor would be adhered too, and this one got going. Black got right into the face of Woods, before being taken down to the mat. Wood would use Blacks’ movement against him to get control in the early going, outwrestling the world travelled veteran. Black could only fight his way back to his feet, still ending up in a hammerlock. Woods would find himself in trouble, only to hit a Judo Hip throw.

On the mat, Woods had undisputable control. Anything Black had, Woods could counter it. He proved in the first few minutes that he doesn’t need the ropes to stop Blacks moves. Even when he was in a hold, he remained calm and worked his way out like he was untangling a cord. 5 minutes in, and Black hadn’t made any progress on what he viewed as a brash rookie, as we went to a quick break.

Coming back from commercial, Woods was in control of Black, sending him to the outside after he tried to pop over Woods in the corner. On the outside, PJ Black’s second Brian Johnson would mouth off and try to distract Woods, failing. Black got into the ring first, but when he tried to stop Woods from getting in, he got into a chokehold and had to use a rope break to escape.

PJ Black Gets Caught

Woods would be hit with some strikes, before taking Black to the mat with a legbar, and Black used his second rope break. After some slight separation, Woods would dodge a dropkick, and go right back to the legs of Black on the mat. What he’s been doing is working, why not keep going? Just keep wrestling, and even if it went to the judges, Wood’s would likely win. Black would finally break away from an armbar with a Samoan Drop.

Mere seconds later, Black was back on the mat with both arms locked, and have to fight out again. This was the story of the match, a series of Black being caught and having to free himself. Black got moving and started to come off the top rope with some elbows before going for a crossbody before a wheelbarrow pinfall would get a two count.

A reverse Boston Crab would become the Bucket Swing, but Black dropped Woods on the mat and stomped his back. Silas Young gave Woods some advice while down, and Woods got back up, only to be hit with a Stinger Splash. A big kick to the head would follow, and Black was finally getting somewhere in this match.

Woods came right back with a running knee strike, trapping Black in the rope before hitting a backbreaker and a German Suplex. He’d hold on, go for a cross armbreaker, before going for a unique Ankle Lock. The legs were grapevined, Black was well away from the ropes, and had no choice but to tap.

The Semi Finals Are Set!

Next week, we’ll see both semi-final matches as Jay Lethal takes on Tracy Williams, and Jonathan Gresham takes on Josh Woods. These are sure to be some great matches, and the best wrestlers are truly rising to the top. Who will make the finals? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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