WWE 205 Live Results: Ever-Rise vs. The Bollywood Boyz

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Finally, the original 205 Live tag team returns to the ring! Ever since the Cruiserweight Classic, fans have been entertained by the highly charismatic Bollywood Boyz. However, the 205 Live tag team division is now ruled by Ever-Rise (according to them and them alone) so the Bollywood Boys need to go through them to return to their spot on the brand.

Really, this is a battle of west coast vs. east coast Canadians at its core, with Bollywood Boyz being from British Columbia, and Ever-Rise from Quebec.

East Coast vs. West Coast

Bollywood Boyz would kick stuff off with some dancing, and when they invited Ever-Rise to attempt the dance themselves, Sunil Signh would attack. Chase Parker would quickly tag in Matt Martel, who is still disputed as being 205lbs. Together, Ever-Rise took Sunil down, and hit a double fist drop. Martel would be sent off the ropes but stop as Sunil wanted to leapfrog, but got rushed into the corner instead.

Sunil would slip out of a running powerslam and drop Martel with a back elbow, before tagging in Sumir. After some more dancing, he’d hit a double axe handle to the exposed arm of Martel, and Sunil hit one as well. Parker would be tagged in, and Sunil took him down with a deep armdrag. A double hip toss and low dropkick would work, as Sunil grabbed the camera and recorded Parker. Parker threatened to break it, before fleeing to the outside with it.

He’d sneak a tag to Martel, and he’d take Sumir from behind. Sumir took a Bret Hart style corner bump, and a big backbreaker but only got a near fall. Their gear is a tribute to that of Bret Hart’s, so it’s fitting they’d try to emulate tiny bits of his signature style, though none can match him. Parker would rock Sumir with a big dropkick, but only get a two count.

The Bollywood Boyz Make A Splash

Parker would keep the pressure on Sumir with a knee to the back and a chinlock. Sumir dodged a back elbow and tried for a Crucifix Pinfall, but Parker got the Samoan Drop instead. Martel was tagged in, and Ever-Rise hit their signature drop toehold into elbow drop combo. Sumir fought off both members of Ever-Rise and made the tag to Sunil.

Sunil came off the top rope with a double axe handle, an inverted atomic drop and a spinning wheel kick. They’d hit the Bollywood Blast, and Parker was forced to save the match. Behind the back of the official, Ever-Rise would take Sumir out, but the distraction of Parker being in the ring allowed Sunil to hit Martel with their camera, and Sumir got a pinfall.

Should they introduce 205 Live Tag Team Championships? Would the division require more teams to make that work? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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