WWE NXT Results: KUSHIDA vs. Cameron Grimes

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WWE NXT Results: KUSHIDA vs. Cameron Grimes

Cameron Grimes had a rough night at Halloween Havoc, when Dexter Lumis and a load of zombies terrorized him throughout the Haunted House of Terror’s Match. This week, he’s at least in a world he understands again, as he moves on to KUSHIDA as an opponent.

It might be just as rough, as Kushida is laser focused on reaching the NXT Championship, and is willing to break arms on his way to the top.

Grimes would be spooked by the referee backstage, showing that he very well might not be on his A-Game tonight. Lord help him if Lumis is hanging out at ringside! This could be Roderick Strong all over again.

Cameron Grimes Is Freaked Out

Grimes was keeping an eye over his shoulder, some serious jitters as this match started. KUSHIDA went for the takedown, but Grimes wanted none of that. They’d finally lock up, and Grimes got a hammerlock for a moment before KUSHIDA took control. Some mat wrestling would benefit KUSHIDA, who could out-wrestle Grimes even on a good day.

Grimes would pop over the head of KUSHIDA in the corner, but get caught in the hip-toss/armbar combo once free. KUSHIDA would do all he could to keep Grimes away from the ropes, and set up a wicked armbreaker. The arm was a steady target, and a running armbreaker followed by a low dropkick punished it.

Grimes tried to get back in control, but KUSHIDA would just take him back down and stomp the left arm. This one was getting away from Grimes in a hurry, but a blow to the kidneys would stun his opponent.

He’d try for a German Suplex, but KUSHIDA broke free. KUSHIDA tried to apply a submission hold, but instead was dropped neck first into the top rope before we’d go to a commercial break.

Throughout the break, Grimes would gain some ground in the match. This didn’t last long, as we came back as KUSHIDA mounted his comeback. The arm was kicked, and some more strikes followed before he got the springboard back elbow.

KUSHIDA Gets Help From… A Zombie Referee?

A manhattan drop, hip toss and dropkick would stun Grimes for the Pele Kick. Grimes was thrown to the apron, and sent to the floor. KUSHIDA wanted to fly, but would have to do it in the ring as Grimes slipped back in to be hit with a crossbody.

Grimes came back with a deadlift powerbomb, getting a two count. He’d prop KUSHIDA up top and hit an overhand shop, before climbing up and landing on the ropes groin first. The Hoverboard Lock would be attempted, instead getting a diving armbreaker.

He’d kick the arm, and look for the German Suplex, Grimes slipping out and getting the referee knocked out. KUSHIDA didn’t realize, and applied the Hoverboard Lock, Grimes tapping out. This distraction led to Grimes hitting a standing Spanish Fly, getting a visual pinfall.

The zombie referee from the Haunted House of Terrors match showed up, and that combined with the Hoverboard lock was enough to have Grimes tap. Will KUSHIDA be on his way to an NXT Championship match? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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