WWE NXT Results: Bronson Reed vs. Kyle O’Reilly vs. KUSHIDA vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Cameron Grimes [Gauntlet Eliminator Match]

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WWE NXT Results: Bronson Reed vs. Kyle O'Reilly vs. KUSHIDA vs. Timothy Thatcher vs. Cameron Grimes [Gauntlet Eliminator Match]

With NXT Takeover quickly approaching, our new champion Finn Balor needs an opponent. William Regal picked five of the best in NXT, and has a new match to put them to the test. This is the Gauntlet Eliminator, which boils down to an Elimination Chamber match without the chamber, perfect for NXT. KUSHIDA, Kyle O’Reilly, Cameron Grimes, Timothy Thatcher & Bronson Reed are the men involved, and none of these men have ever gone for the NXT Championship, so a main eventer will be born on this night.

Kyle O’Reilly & KUSHIDA Kick This One Off

Fans have been waiting for KUSHIDA & Kyle O’Reilly to meet in NXT, and they’d start this match off. Calling back to their epic battles in Japan as part of Best Of Super Juniors, this match got off to an excellent start. Both men have incredible wrestling ability, and went right to the mat to showcase this.

KOR went for a double wrist lock, but KUSHIDA captured an armbar to prevent this, only to end up in a kneebar, but they’d get caught up in the ropes and be forced to restart. They’d get this match moving with some strikes, KUSHIDA hitting his signature hip toss into a dropkick combo. More grappling on the mat would follow, but KUSHIDA went back to strikes and kicked KOR in the face, as the timer counted down to another man entering the match.

Bronson Reed Is Here To Dominate

Reed would instantly make an impact in this match, throwing KUSHIDA into KOR, and then pancaking them in the corner. He’d prop KUSHIDA up on the top rope, grab KOR and look for a double Samoan Drop, but KUSHIDA slipped out. KUSHIDA hit a handspring back elbow, stunning both men. KOR grabbed a submission on Reed, but KUSHIDA broke this up.

KUSHIDA would actually get the Hoverboard Lock on KOR, but Reed broke it up and slammed KUSHIDA to keep this match moving. He’d look to dive onto KOR, but ended up with both his opponents climbing up after him. KUSHIDA would be dropped off, knock KOR out. While the referee checked on KOR, Velveteen Dream dropped KUSHIDA with a Dream Valley Driver and slipped away. Reed hit the tsunami splash, and took KUSHIDA out of this match. Dream & KUSHIDA aren’t done with each other yet clearly.

Timothy Thatcher & Cameron Grimes Enter This Match

With one man out, it’s time for another man to enter, and it’s Timothy Thatcher! He’d be knocked off the apron by Reed, and we’d go to a commercial break. By the time we got back, Cameron Grimes was about to hit the ring, as Bronson Reed was hitting everyone with German Suplexes.

Grimes hit the ring, and hit a big crossbody on Reed before safely putting his hat in the corner. He’d hit KOR with a PK, and then almost ended up in the Fujiwara armbar, but Reed saved him. Grimes dropped KOR again with a slam, before being run through with a lariat.

Thatcher & KOR would get back to their feet, and kick each other on the apron, but they’d end up on the ground before long. Reed would launch Grimes into them, and then pick his target. Thatcher would be chosen for him, and he’d be dropped with a Death Valley Driver, nearly getting pinned.

KOR came in, and got nailed with a powerbomb for a near fall as well. Reed was in control of this match, but Grimes was the freshest man and he’d take the fight to Reed, only to be sent to the outside. With all three opponents together, Reed took them out with a dive, and we’d go to a commercial break.

Kyle O’Reilly Cleans House

Coming back, Reed would be pingponged between Thatcher & Grimes, but fought both off. KOR would come in and be hit with a powerslam that called back to Road Warrior Animal. Reed would slam Grimes into Thatcher, but couldn’t get to the top to splash onto Thatcher, stopped by Grimes. He’d try for the splash anyways, miss Thatcher and get a knee drop from KOR, and Reed is gone!

KOR would look to make it two in a row, grabbing an ankle lock on Thatcher, but you don’t tap him out easily. He’d break out, and Grimes came back into this match to suplex KOR and go after Thatcher himself, only to be dropped with a Belly to Belly. KOR went right back to Thatcher, only to be caught in the sleeper.

Grimes tried to kick KOR, but ended up being used to reverse the sleeper, nearly pinning Thatcher after reversing the hold. KOR would be chopped in the face by Thatcher, but he’d manage a rollup and Thatcher is out! Grimes would quickly get KOR with the Cave In, but KOR got his foot on the ropes, saving this match.

Who’s Going To NXT Takeover?

It’s down to the first and last man in this match, and Grimes would say KOR is nothing like Adam Cole, firing him up. A spanish fly would nearly pin KOR, but he’d kick out at two, and they’d slug it out. KOR looked for a German Suplex, and when Grimes grabbed the ropes, he’d hit a dragon screw instead. A suplex would be countered, and Grimes got the separation for the Cave In. He missed, KOR grabbed a knee bar, and he’s going to Takeover!

Kyle O’Reilly tonight showed he’s not just the best tag team wrestler in NXT, but one of the best in general. Finn Balor is going to have his hands full with this former ROH Champion, and Undisputed Era would be here to celebrate with their new singles star, and Balor stared him down.

Will Kyle O’Reilly put a quick end to the second reign of Finn Balor? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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