WWE NXT Results: Timothy Thatcher vs. August Grey, Tomasso Ciampa Lays Down Challenge

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August Grey was an unwilling student of Thatch-As-Thatch Can wrestling, albeit an unwilling one. He would turn on Timothy Thatcher, and a brawl last week led to Thatcher having to face Dexter Lumis. Tonight, Thatcher has Grey one on one in the ring, and another lesson could be coming.

Timothy Thatcher Is Ready To Teach Grey Another Lesson

Grey would be caught off guard with Thatcher throwing his jacket at him, and getting some cheap shots. However, Grey stood tall and took Thatcher down, and mounted a comeback with a backslide. Grey would be launched with a big belly to belly suplex, and now Thatcher began his gameplan.

He’d grind Grey with a chokehold, before hitting a tough European Uppercut. Thatcher would hammerlock the arm, stopping Grey from defending himself and then hitting a front chancery suplex. A quick smile from Thatcher showed he loved this, but he’d be attacked by Grey again before dropping him with a single uppercut.

Thatcher drove his knee into the back of Grey, and then punched him right in the ribs. He’s calm and calculated at this point of the match, and would look for the Achilles Lock, Grey fighting out with kicks to the head.

Don’t Pick Fights You Can’t Win

A big right hand would force Thatcher to take a knee, and he’d use his speed to slip to the outside, hit a superkick and come off the top rope with a crossbody.

Instead, Thatcher played anti-air with an uppercut, hit a double underhook suplex. He’d apply a submission, and Grey tapped out in mere seconds. Thatcher said Grey this was another lesson in Thatch-As-Thatch can, ‘Don’t pick a fight with someone you can’t beat’

He’d go after Grey again, and Ciampa would make the save by coming to the ring. Ciampa isn’t picking a fight he can’t win, but Thatcher might if he goes after the Psycho Killer. He’d make things crystal clear backstage: he wants to fight Timothy Thatcher. Maybe they’ll hold off for War Games? Who do you think will win the coming clash? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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