WWE Raw Results (11/9) – Keith Lee and Riddle Defeated Braun Strowman and Sheamus by Pinfall with AJ Styles as Guest Referee; Alexa Bliss Turns Way from Nikki Cross

Riddle rolled up a distracted Sheamus for the win

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AJ Styles came out to the ring with Jordan for what WWE Raw Results assumed was another team building exercise.

He started it off by saying Team Raw will win at Survivor Series thanks to his leadership.

He then introduced the champions, starting with Keith Lee. Lee came out in disbelief once again. This si going to go well.

Styles introduced Riddle next. Anyone else miss his first name?

Sheamus was introduced, but this is when we suffered a technological mishap that caused us to miss 20 minutes of the show.

Our apologies.

Looks like we have a tag team match with AJ Styles as the guest referee. Alrighty then.

Brain Strowman Sheamus vs. Keith Lee and Riddle with AJ Styles as guest referee

This is definitely one way to help the teamwork out their frustrations.

We returned to Sheamus in control on Riddle with an armbar.

Riddle fought out of the hold, but Sheamus hit with an Irish Curse backbreaker.

Strowman came in and hit Riddle with a senton for a near pinfall, and Strowman locked Riddle in a reverse chin lock.

Strowman then his with a suplex slam, but Riddle avoided his charge and Strowman hit the ring post with his shoulder.

Lee came in and nailed Strowman, then Sheamus, and then went back to Strowman and back again with avalanches.

Lee then threw Seamus across the ring into Strowman.

Riddle came in to congratulate Lee, and Lee hit him with a Spirit Bomb. He then hit a clothesline on Strowman for a near pinfall.

Strowman kicked Lee off him and tagged in Sheamus, and Sheamus hit Lee with a knee strike and Brogue Kick.

Riddle hit with a German suplex and bridge for a near pinfall, and followed it with a pair of running forearms.

Riddle then charged at Strowman, but Strowman caught him by the throat. Styles managed to separate them.

Sheamus then hit Riddle with a clothesline. He was ready to hit a Brogue Kick when Strowman tagged himself in, much to Sheamus’ dislike.

Strowman than hit a pair of avalanches on Riddle and went for a running powerslam, but Sheamus tagged himself in.

After a back and forth, Sheamus hit Strowman with a Brogue Kick and Riddle rolled Sheamus up for a pin.

Nikki demands a decision

Backstage, Alexa Bliss was plucking rose petals when Nikki Cross came up to her, but she’s forgotten that she saw Nikki last week.

Nikki asked to talk to her about him, and Alexa grew excited that she saw it and said she’d invite her over for a playdate.

Nikki said she’s not playing and recognized this is her fault for if she was a better friend the Fiend wouldn’t have gotten her.

Alexa was like a little girl, laughing and giggling at what Nikki said.

Nikki told her the Fiend is pure evil and it was time for her to make a choice — her or him.

So, Alexa blew the handful of flower petals in Nikki’s face and said, “Him,” and headed off, leaving Nikki frustrated.

This was a cool segment and WWE Raw Results have said this before, but Alexa is really nailing these bits. We can’t wait to see more.

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