WWE Smackdown Results (11/27) – Bianca Belair Defeated Natalya by Pinfall

Belair rolled Natalya up for the win

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Backstage, WWE Smackdown Results learned what happened to Daniel Bryan as Kevin Owens pulled Jey Uso off of Daniel Bryan and Jey told Owens he knows where he’ll be once the officials broke it up.

Jey was with Reigns when Owens approached them. Jey was telling Reigns he was doing what he was told to do when Owens told him he’s tired of Reigns’ ego trips.

He told him that for someone that says family is so important, Reigns sure treats his like trach.

Reigns challenged Jey by saying that he takes pride in how his sons look at him, and that Owens doesn’t look at him with fear and Jey needs to fix that.

Natalya vs. Bianca Belair

Before Belair could slaughter Natalya, Bayley came out with the commentators still touting the number of days of her previous championship reign as she joined the announce team.

Belair leap frogged over Natalya a couple of times before they exchanged roll up pin attempts.

Natalya sidestepped her charge and Belair hit the ring post with her shoulder, and Natalya hammered her down and hit a suplex while Bayley worked up an upcoming feud with Belair.

Belair countered Natalya into a small package for a near pinfall, and Natalya hit with a clothesline for a near pin.

Natalya locked her in a surfboard, then rolled her back for a near pinfall.

Belair shoved Natalya into the corner and hit with a shoulder before pounding in her.

Belair ran into a kick, but countered a right into a lift and she threw Natalya over the top rope right in front of the announce table where Bayley started jawing with her.

Natalya ducked a right by Belair and Belair knocked Bayley out.

Natalya hit Belair from behind then threw her into the ring. Natalya tried to lock in the sharpshooter while Bayley climbed into the apron behind her.

Belair kicked Natalya off and into Bayley, sending Bayley to the floor, and then Belair rolled up Natalya for the win.

Whelp, looks like WWE Smackdown Results won’t have to wait long to see these two in action. At least Natalya put up a fight. We expected this to last a minute or two at most.

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