AEW Dynamite Results: Dustin Rhodes Challenges Evil Uno For Next Week

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Dustin Rhodes is about to enter his 34th year in progressional wrestling. With his career having stretched over five decades and him still going strong, many are wondering what is next for him? He’s being courted by the Dark Order, and we will see Rhodes interviewed tonight. Will they crash this interview?

What Happened Last Week?

Dasha would get right down to brass tacks and ask Dustin Rhodes about the offer of Dark Order. For a quick reminder, after Rhodes beat Ten in a match last week, Evil Uno apologized for any grief they caused Rhodes, and offered him the number of Seven.

This was a clear jab at the short lived WCW character of Rhodes, which never properly made its debut outside of vignettes, and one entrance, which was followed by a shoot promo. Uno also called him the third least important member of the Rhodes family, and I’m sure if that promo happened this week it’d have been fourth least important.

It was meant to be a heartfelt offer, but Uno has a knack for saying the wrong things at the right time. Offering Rhodes any other number and not calling him the worst of the Rhodes Family might have got a long way to getting the legend in some snazzy purple face paint.

Dustin Rhodes Lays Down The Challenge

Rhodes would start by saying that Seven was a bad idea years ago, and it was a bad idea last week. Evil Uno said he’s the third least important member of the Rhodes family, but he’s flat out wrong. Rhodes told Ten he would fall, and he intends to knock down the Dark Order one by one by one.

Next week, he’s laying down a challenge to Evil Uno to a match next week at Holiday Bash, where Rhodes is fixing to kick his ass. Will Evil Uno accept this challenge, and can Dustin Rhodes keep winning against members of Dark Order? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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