AEW Dynamite Results: Hangman Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds vs. Matt Hardy & Private Party

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After over a year of poking, prodding and bribing, Dark Order has finally gotten their biggest wish. Hangman Page is considering joining up. This was handled by John Silver & Alex Reynolds helping him in a recent Battle Royale, and this week he teams with them to take on Matt Hardy and his protégés in Private Party. Could a win tonight serve to just pull Page in deeper?

The Good, The Bad, and The Hungee vs. The Hardy Party

Hangman Page would start with Marq Quen, Page getting a wrist lock and Quen showing his technical skills. Both men showed their agility, with Page being a step quicker in the end but both dodging major shots. Hardy would tag in, and lock up with Page, able to shove him into the corner but Private Party didn’t take any cheap shots to his dismay.

Page would beat down in the corner, but escaped a triple powerbomb attempt before Silver & Reynolds helped him clean house. Silver hopped on the back of Page, Reynolds slammed Kassidy and Page walked over and used Silver as a weapon. Page got a bit distracted by his partners, but got a blind tag to Reynolds who’d hit a double flapjack with Silver before Page hit a running Shooting Star Press.

Silver was somehow legal, and threw those powerful mid-kicks to Kassidy before going for the press slam. Kassidy slipped off and got Quen tagged in, who would work to clean house and take Silver down. Private Party would work together to grind him down with a double leg snap and set of dropkicks.

Hangman Page Is Insane!

Hardy would hit the lariat, shove Silver into the knees of a downed Kassidy, and Quen climbed up top for a moonsault on the back. Silver was beat down by Hardy, before being locked in the sleeper hold. Page & Reynolds tried to motivate Silver and he’d break free but remain isolated after a reverse side effect. Silver caught a flying Hardy with a punch to the gut and a brainbuster, before tagging in Page.

Kassidy was in as well, but no match for Page. He’d counter a German Suplex, took Quen out with a Springboard lariat, Kassidy with a fallaway slam, Hardy with a vaulting body press, then Kassidy again with a lariat, but only got a two count. The powerbomb was countered and Hardy tagged in, hitting a Side Effect for a two count.

Matt Hardy Steals All The Glory

Hardy went for Twist Of Fate, but was shoved into the corner, punched by Reynolds and dropped with a lariat. Reynolds & Quen became legal, Reynolds outspeeding Quen and dropping him with a rolling elbow and cravate style suplex, Kassidy having to break the pin up.

Silver & Reynolds hit their insane combo of kicks and stunners, but included a pop up powerbomb from Hangman this time before the German suplex and pin. The only thing that saved this match was Hardy pulling the leg of Reynolds. He’d also nail Silver with a Twist of Fate off the apron. Page would go to attack Hardy but got sent over the barricade.

Reynolds was all alone and hit with Gin & Juice, and Hardy tagged himself in to get the pinfall. How much longer will Private Party stay under the wing of an increasingly selfish Matt Hardy? Will Hangman Page join Dark Order? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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