AEW Winter Is Coming Results: Cody Rhodes & Darby Allin vs. Powerhouse Hobbs & Ricky Starks

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Team Taz has been making life hell for Darby Allin & Cody Rhodes for months now. Brian Cage & Ricky Starks recently got a win over Rhodes & Allin, before they’d be attacked by the newest member of the group: Powerhouse Hobbs. Last week, Hobbs demolished Rhode’s student Lee Johnson, before Taz called for some respect, before choking out Rhodes himself. Tonight, a huge tag team match brings the next step in this feud.

Ricky Starks Is Isolated

This match was never going to start clean, and as soon as Team Taz hit the ring a brawl broke out. Starks went after Allin, and Hobbs after Rhodes. Rhodes won his battle, and Allin nailed a springboard coffin drop on Starks. They’d look to isolate him early, wanting nothing to do with Powerhouse Hobbs, as his name says it all.

Starks was kicked in the back when he tried to get across the ring, and drug back into their corner. A few chops and some grounded attacks did a good job, and Rhodes decided it was smart to send Hobbs a middle finger. Starks is generally very dominant, but this match has practically been a handicap affair.

Rhodes got his delayed front drop suplex, and tagged in Darby Allin to continue the abuse. Starks slipped outside, and led Allin right into Hobbs who ran Allin over. Now Hobbs is in this match, and Allin shouldn’t hold his breath for a tag.

Hobbs got started real quick with a delayed vertical suplex, dropping Allin hard in the middle of the ring, and then doing some push-ups to mock Rhodes. Team Taz would throw Allin up and just let him fall to the mat, as they start to isolate Allin. Starks would get some revenge, but quick tags in and out were the plan here.

Powerhouse Hobbs Lives Up To His Name, Darby Allin Shows His Heart

Hobbs came in and hit a big backbreaker, before letting Starks stomp him into the mat. Allin used some speed to bang heads with Starks, getting his best chance in minutes to make the tag. Starks got to Hobbs first through, and he’d stomp the spine of Allin and go for a deadlift German Suplex.

Allin went after the fingers of Hobbs, before being turned into a Bearhug and ragdolled across the ring. Hobbs would grab Allin by the ears and throw him across the ring into his corner, before dragging Allin across the ring.

Team Taz waited too long to follow up, and Starks ran into the bottom of Allins boots. Allin would counter two back suplexes, and finally got to Rhodes. He’d hit a springboard dropkick, then a clotheline on Starks.

Rhodes knew he had to close this one out, but a distraction from Taz let Starks gouge the eyes. This didn’t matter much, as Rhodes came right back with the Cody Cutter, before Allin tagged in and hit the Coffin Drop. Rhodes held off Hobbs, and this one was done.

Team Taz Stands Tall, But A Legend Says Otherwise

After the match, Hobbs kept attacking Allin, and Arn Anderson got in for the help, before being attacked. Dustin Rhodes helped out next, having more success before Brian Cage came in. Team Taz would stand tall, and this one isn’t through.

However, just as things looked bleak, music would hit. It was no theme we’re used too, but it was signalling something epic. Sting is back on TNT, and his bat is with him. 18 years ago he beat Ric Flair to close out WCW, and now he’s back.

What will Stings role in AEW be? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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