Impact Wrestling Results (12/1) – James Mitchell Solves Su Yung

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee asked Father James Mitchell if he’d turned Su Yung into Susie.

He said it’s not a fast process and he doesn’t have Su.

Purrazzo said if he needs Su, she knows what to do. They’ll head to the ring she instructed Mitchell to be ready.

Cody wants Eric Young

Backstage, Cody was beside himself when Cousin Jake said this needs to be fixed.

He was tired of being treated like nobodies, and jake said they’ll fix this.

Cody stopped him and said it’s not about them, it’s about him.

He said this is personal and that Eric young was there with him on his first day of wrestling school. He added that they used to travel together but now he’s a nobody and he refuses to be treated like a nobody.

He swore that next week he’ll prove to Young that he’s not a nobody.

The undead bridesmaids come

Deonna Purrazzo came to the ring with Kimber Lee to set their plan to get Su Yung into motion.

What could possibly go wrong?

Purrazzo started it off by saying how Su Yung’s been haunting them but her time comes tonight.

She challenged Su to come to the ring to get her contractual rematch right there.

We could hear the nervousness in Purrazzo’s voice and it only added to the scene.

Su Yung answered by coming out. Once she was in the ring, Father James Mitchell came out.

Mitchell welcomed Su, and he said it’s been a while but it wouldn’t be appropriate with what he has to do.

He said he didn’t want to do this, but Su’s been nothing but trouble for him and she’ll pay for her sins.

Undead bridesmaids then came out for Su Yung and they circled the ring and slowly climbed onto the apron.

Purrazzo attacked Su from behind, but Su dropped her with a headbutt.

Lee hit her from behind and as Su put her glove on, Purrazzo attacked her.

Su tried to spit her mist, but Purrazzo grabbed her by the throat to block it.

Purrazzo forced Su to her knees as her poisoned mist ran back down Su’s throat.

Purrazzo hit a piledriver and then told the bridesmaids to collect Su Yung while Mitchell laughed on the stage.

Purrazzo and Lee looked relieved, but just wait until Mitchell wants them to pay his price for helping them.

Moose’s warning

Backstage, Moose approached Chris Bey, and he told Bey what he’s doing hasn’t gone unnoticed and if he beats Willie Mack he’ll be the number one contender for the Impact World Championship,

Bey said he knew what Moose was doing, and said he’d have his back and when Bey wins Moose will want the first title shot.

Moose told him he doesn’t understand. Moose doesn’t finesse, he hurts. He added that real power isn’t giving but taking.

He said if Bey wins, he’ll take the title from Bey whenever he wants to and then he wished Bey good luck.

Karl Anderson accepts the challenge

Back from commercial, Karl Anderson approached Gia and called out Ethan Page for losing his mind and for taking out Doc Gallows.

He asked if Page was the Karate Man or what.

He said it wouldn’t be wise for him to accept Page’s challenge, but he accepted for what he did to the Big LG.

He promised Page will see why Impact brought him there and he has a lot of friends, too.

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