Ring of Honor Final Battle Results: Brody King vs. RUSH [ROH World Championship Match]

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There is only one way to top off a show like Final Battle, and that’s a defense of the ROH World Championship. Last year, RUSH was unsuccessful in a defense against PCO, but would regain the championship. He’s been stuck down in Mexico and unable to defend, but it’s time for RUSH to defend again. His opponent will be none other than PCO’s former tag team partner, Brody King.

King has gone solo, and defeated Dalton Castle & Shane Taylor to get here. This is absolutely the biggest match in his career, but can he prove he belongs at this level? RUSH is a hard man to beat, but he has not wrestled since March. This also made him a caged animal, ready to be unleashed. His brother Dragon Lee got a defense earlier, can RUSH do the same?

Brody King Gets A Fast Start

King & RUSH came in fast with strikes, RUSH winning out. That was until the raw power of King came into play with a lariat. He wanted a dive to the outside, but RUSH got a big running forearm. King did the same to RUSH when he wanted the dive, and then nailed the dive before yelling ‘Just VIOLENCE.’

An outside brawl saw RUSH getting beat down, thrown into barricades, chopped and sent into the ring post. You need to slow a man like RUSH down, and King did that perfectly. He set up some chairs and scoop slammed RUSH onto the pile, then hit a running senton as well!

The timekeeper table was exposed, but remained intact. Back in the ring, more big strikes and a big slam got King a near fall, before putting RUSH in the corner for the cannonball. A rope break saved this one, and it was getting away from the champion, who was in trouble!

RUSH Is A Rudo Through and Through

However, RUSH doesn’t stay down forever. He came back with a big german suplex in the ring, a dive over the top and took King for a tour of the barricades on the outside. The barricade was opened and King’s head was crushed in it a few times and was getting woozy. A few big chops and some choking from some electrical cables kept the beatdown going.

Suddenly everyone remembered why RUSH has rarely lost a match in ROH. King wanted violence, and he’s getting it as he’s whipped with the cables, then choked by it. Referee Todd Sinclair was losing control, but also didn’t want to throw this main event out. King was sent into the ring, and thought he had the high ground until a lariat ended up getting countered into a triangle choke.

He’d get back into this match with some chops in the corner, before being dropped down and kicked in the face. The Bulls Horn could have ended it, but RUSH was playing with King at this point. King ran into a cocky RUSH and was thrown into the opposite corner.

This Becomes A Family Matter

RUSH sent King to the apron, but King took advantage and got the champion up and wanted Pepsi Plunge, pulling from ROH royalty. This didn’t pan out, and instead he was superplexed. King still kicked out, and caught a running RUSH with a King Slam for a two count. They’d throw chest blistering chops, and King ended up back in the path of Bulls Horn, but it was countered with a big spear.

A burning lariat dropped RUSH, and set up the Gonzo Bomb, and Dragon Lee came to distract the referee, and RUSH’s dad showed up with a steel chair to the head. King was again in position for The Bulls Horns, and King was seeing stars as he was pinned. RUSH isn’t going anywhere, and remains World Champion after a hard fought match.

Who will get the next shot at RUSH? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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