Ring Of Honor Results: Rhett Titus Is The Fourth Member Of The Foundation

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There is a group looking to roster honor to Ring of Honor, a campaign many have tried and failed. However, The Foundation is already looking better than Lifeblood did, containing the face of the company in Jay Lethal, the new Pure Champion Jonathan Gresham, and Tracy Williams. Even if the team was just these three men, they could run the company. They’re already not far off, having both the Pure & Tag Team Championships, but there is a fourth man in their ranks. He’d be seen hanging out in the back wearing the octopus mask of Gresham, and that was Rhett Titus.

Rhett Titus Is The Foundation Of Ring Of Honor

For the past 15 years, Rhett Titus has literally been part of the foundation of Ring Of Honor. He’s stayed loyal to the company through thick and thin, doing his best to make anything given to him work. Titus has been put under a mask as The Romantic Touch, teamed with Kenny King as The All-Night Express which earned him a single reign as ROH Tag Team Champion, and was part of factions like S.C.U.M, the Cabinet & Rebellion.

Despite all this, he has never gotten respect from fans. Titus has never taken a shortcut to the top, and that’s what kept him low on the card. He was trained by ROH when he was only 17, and learned from Austin Aries and Bryan Danielson. Titus has always had the skills, he’s always impressed in the ring, but has never been taken seriously.

Until now. He’s now part of the top group in the company, surrounded by men who actually respect him this time. His hard working nature, his years of hard work, fair play and determination will now pay off, as Pure Wrestling is back. He can finally show that he is one of the best athletes in looks and skill, and now the ROH locker room must take notice of Rhett Titus.

Rhett Titus is The Foundation of Ring Of Honor, he has been for many years now, and he’s going to discover his own self worth in this company he’s dedicated his life too. Will Titus finally be taken seriously? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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