Ring Of Honor Results: Rhett Titus vs. Delirious [Pure Rules Match]

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When it comes to grudges in Ring of Honor, Delirious has one helluva bone to pick with Rhett Titus. They’ve been tag team partners and rivals over their long runs in Ring of Honor, but it was in 2010 when Titus alongside Kenny King & Austin Aries ended his full time career with a brutal beatdown.

Since then, Delirious has mainly stuck to helping run things behind the scenes and occasionally wrestling as well. He showed up big in the Pure Rules tournament in a match with Matt Sydal, and now looks to school the newest member of The Foundation at their own game, and do what he always does: beat Rhett Titus. Titus is 0-4 in singles matches with Delirious, and needs to win to move on with his career.

Never Underestimate Delirious

Code of Honor would be adhered too, and Delirious showed his new focus and took Titus right down and applied a headscissors. Titus fought free, went after the leg and almost ended up in the body scissors, before they broke off and caught their breath. Delirious was taken down with a Fireman’s Carry, and went right after the arm. Titus got shoved off and taken down with a snapmare, but slipped right back into the armbar.

Delirious once again broke free, and got some pinfall attempts on the mat, before dodging the insane dropkick attempt from Titus. That can be a knockout blow, but he knows to avoid it at this point. Again, Titus would take Delirious down to the mat, but end up with his head trapped, Delirious always looking for the Cobra Clutch, and Titus always avoiding.

Titus nailed a big gutwrench suplex, but Delirious just got woken up by this and hit double knees to the back off the middle rope. Delirious went for the Cobra Clutch on the mat, and Titus used his first rope break to save himself. As soon as it was broken up, Titus got trapped again with his hold and used his next rope break to free himself. Delirious was just picking away at Titus now, knowing that if he gets one more rope break used, he wins with the Clutch.

Rhett Titus Has The Best Dropkick In Wrestling

Titus would have his arm assaulted on the mat, but when Delirious took him up for the Air Raid Crash, Titus slipped into a roll up and went for that KO dropkick again. He missed, and Delirious went for the Clutch again, and Titus reached for those ropes, charged into them, sending Delirious to the ground, but that’s the third rope break gone.

This did help injure the knee of Delirious, and Titus would unleash a running boot in the corner, before being taken to the mat and locked in the Cobra Clutch, but used the ropes to flip into a pinfall! He got a northern lights suplex, then a huge belly to belly suplex. Some open palm strikes to the midsection and a rolling chop, but Delirious blocked the suplex and hit a Cobra Clutch suplex. The Panic Attack knees were countered, and Titus nailed that dropkick for the win.

Is Rhett Titus in for his best year ever with 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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