Ring Of Honor Results: Team Mark Briscoe vs. Team Jay Briscoe [Christmas Surprise 10-Man Tag Match]

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It’s time for a Ring of Honor Christmas Tradition, the annual Christmas Surprise 10-man tag team match! This year’s Team Captains are Mark & Jay Briscoe, and their teams were decided by pulling names out of Christmas packages! They knew who they had backing them up, but fans were kept in the dark.

There are stakes to this match, as the winning team gets a hefty Christmas bonus, while the losing team might find some coal in their stockings before they’re put away for the year!

Team Jay Briscoe got Flip Gordon, Brawler Milonas, John Walters, & PCO! Meanwhile Team Mark Briscoe got Beer City Bruiser, Dak Draper, Tracy Williams & Dalton Castle! These are odd teams, lots of interesting connections, and should be one of the craziest 10 man tag team matches of the year!

10 Man Tag Weirdness At It’s Best

John Walters & Tracy Williams started this one up, picking up where their Pure Rules match from weeks ago left off. Walters got a headlock, but was tripped up and trapped in a kneebar. Williams got some arm drags, but Draper tagged in before kicking Walters in the gut. Walters got a blind tag and trapped the leg of Draper as Gordon dove in for a dropkick. Draper tried to slam Gordon but ended up in a sleeper hold, before Gordon was flung into his corner.

Brawler Milonas tagged in, and Draper tagged in Beer City Bruiser. The Bouncers stared each other down, before Draper shoved Bruiser into his partner and a brawl broke out. Bruiser got a big open hand strike, and Milonas went hit a big lariat but missed a leg drop. They both hit the ropes and went for Crossbodys, colliding in the middle of the ring. Castle & PCO tagged in, and Castle was wearing a lovely turtleneck.

PCO was taken down to the mat, before he was slammed into the corner. Castle learned to not fire PCO up, as he was taken down and hit some hammering blows to the head. He managed to slip out and get a knee strike to the head of PCO, as we went to a commercial break.

PCO Isn’t Human!

Coming back from the break, Castle would run right into a lariat from PCO. The turtleneck came off, and Mark Briscoe was tagged in. Across the ring, his brother was tagged in. The Briscoes had a stand off, Mark got a chop, Jay got a frankensteiner, and they threw blows in the middle of the ring. At this moment, all hell broke loose and we had all ten men in the ring, until only Williams & Jay remained. Williams took Jay over the top, and then Gordon got in just to dive onto Walters.

PCO went up top and hit the PCO-Sault onto the masses! Mark was sent back into the ring to face his brother, with Jey in control. Walters tagged in and hit a back elbow on Mark before Gordon tagged in, spending a few seconds in the match before PCO came in. Tag team partners met as PCO ran into Mark in the corner, before Walters came back in. Mark Briscoe was able to break isolation with a springboard forearm, and tagged in Beer City Bruiser as we went to another commercial break.

Team Jay Briscoe Was Stacked

Coming back, we were back where we started with John Walters & Tracy Williams showcasing pure wrestling in this wild match. Williams had a cravate applied and hit some knees to the head, before Mark tagged back in. A big suplex got a one count, before Bruiser was tagged in to apply a trap hold. Walters did his best to get away from Bruiser before being hit with a choke press cutter.

Again, all hell broke loose with everyone getting signature moves in the ring, ending with Bruiser diving off the top rope onto John Walters who was trapped in a knee bar by Williams. PCO broke the pin up, sent Walters into the corner to tag him in. Draper tagged in just to be dropped and hit with a PCO-Sault, ending this match for Team Jay Briscoe!

Did you expect team Jay Briscoe to win? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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