What Would Have Happened In WWE NXT Had Karrion Kross Not Gotten Injured?

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From the moment Karrion Kross made his debut in NXT, it was clear the meant business. A massive entrance and intimidating image were enough to make him a star, but his ability to blow through challengers like Tommaso Ciampa in mere minutes showed that whoever was NXT Champion after Adam Cole vs. Keith Lee needed to watch out. At NXT Takeover 30, Kross defeated Keith Lee in a hard fought battle, and became NXT Champion… only to give the belt up three days later.

A shoulder injury put him on the sidelines, until now. Kross is back and already climbing the rankings once again. What could have happened with Kross on top of NXT through the back half of 2020?

Karrion Kross Could Have Been The Most Dominant NXT Champion Of All Time

If his rise to the title was any indication, we would have seen Kross go on a reign of terror that might have rivalled even Triple H himself back in the day. Keith Lee had left NXT following his defeat to join the Monday Night RAW roster, and was the only man to make Kross sweat during a match. After his injury, we saw a Fatal Four Way Iron-Man match between Johnny Gargano, Adam Cole, Finn Balor and Tommaso Ciampa to decide a new champion.

We can assume that these would have been the men to challenge Kross on his reign, alongside someone like Bronson Reed. This would have let Kross have some big matches with major names, and really build him up as a big deal. Men like Gargano & Cole would have brought out the best in Kross, and we will likely see what Balor vs. Kross will look like very soon.

Two Time Champ Tommaso Ciampa?

However, even the most dominant reign would need to come to an end eventually. There was a perfect man to put against Kross to finally end it, that being his first major victim in Tommaso Ciampa. Ciampa came back from that defeat more pissed off than ever, looking like the Psycho Killer of old, before moving into his current character of a babyface who takes on self proclaimed badasses.

If Ciampa went into a match with Kross as the Psycho Killer, and with a no rules stipulation, it would have allowed Ciampa to redeem his loss while ending a monster reign from Kross. Kross could then safely move up to RAW & Smackdown, where he’s certain to become a big name.

How do you think the reign of Karrion Kross would have gone in NXT? Do you see Karrion Kross getting another chance to become NXT Champion in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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