Where Will Authors Of Pain Write Their Next Chapter?

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Ninety days ago, WWE made a major mistake in the eyes of many fans. They would release their up and coming tag team known as The Authors of Pain, consisting of Akam & Rezar. These two natural athletes made for a dominant tag team, picking up the win in the 2016 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic and winning both the NXT Tag Team & RAW Team Championships. With each man only in their late twenties and constantly improving, it was a shock when once Rezar was ready to return from injury, both men were released.

Now, their ninety day non-compete clause is finished, meaning any promotion in the world can add this team to their ranks. Where could they end up?

Authors Of Pain Would Fit In With Contra Unit In MLW

While Authors of Pain have a chance to become one of the best tag teams around in a few years, they were still getting to that level before they left WWE. This means that putting them in a top tag team division might just serve to expose their limitations, somewhere like MLW would benefit greatly from having them on their roster. Right now, MLW has a top heel stable known as Contra Unit, led by MLW Champion Jacob Fatu.

Putting two brutes like Authors of Pain by his side would just serve to make him even more dangerous, which would be bad news for MLW. It could be a perfect role for Authors of Pain to show that their partnership with Seth Rollins could have been so much better than it was.

World Tag League Showed The NJPW Needs More Strong Tag Teams

We’re just about to enter the final day of the 2020 NJPW World Tag League, and it’s certainly been a tournament. It’s often the lowest rated tournament NJPW does every year for a reason, because this isn’t a company which often focuses on tag team wrestling as much as their singles action. While teams like Dangerous Tekkers, FinJuice Guerillas of Destiny, and Tomohiro Ishii & Toru Yano are steady teams, that’s all that usually lasts through the year.

Even a promising new team like Great O-Khan & Jeff Cobb of The Empire might not stick around, as both have big singles potential. However, Authors of Pain have the hard hitting style down perfectly, and could be the type of team to walk into NJPW and use their skills to the max to take the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championships. Never forget Akam was an amateur wrestling star, and Rezar has a 6-2-0 record in MMA, even fighting for Bellator. Those skills would serve them best in NJPW, as they translate well to strong style matches.

Ring Of Honor Could Be Their Stepping Stone To NJPW

The big issue is, while NJPW fits a team like Akam & Rezar perfectly, it’s hard to get to Japan. They could start up in NJPW Of America, but that show has been batch taped for god knows how long. However, there is another option that could help them reach NJPW, while getting them more experience without international travel. This is Ring Of Honor, who have been on fire since their restart but also lack tag teams.

While Two Guys One Tag, The Briscoes, The Foundation, Soldiers of Savagery & MexiSquad are great teams, the division lacks depth. Authors of Pain would fit right in, and be able to have hard hitting matches with every one of those teams, and the NJPW partnership won’t stay dormant forever.

Where do you hope to see Authors of Pain land? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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