WWE NXT UK Results: Oliver Carter vs. Jordan Devlin [NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match]

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Jordan Devlin is making up for lost time as NXT Cruiserweight Champion. He wants to stay at the top of his game, and has issued an open challenge for tonight. Going forward, every match Devlin has will have the belt on the line. A few weeks back he was able to beat Amir Jordan, but this week he’s got Oliver Carter on the menu.

Oliver Carter Hurts His Neck

Jordan won the opening lockup by not locking up, instead kicking him in the gut and hitting clubbing blows. All this, while yelling that he doesn’t even belong in the ring with Devlin, so he’s wasting zero time this week with any pretense that he’s not as cocky as they come. Carter wasn’t bothered by this, getting Devlin in the corner with a dropkick, catching the armdrag and crossbody block.

Devlin blocked a sunset flip and Carter for a powerbomb instead but escaped. Carter went for a kick, was blocked and flipped, but got his foot caught on the top rope and bounced down hard on his neck. Devlin might win by referee stoppage, but a win is a win.

When Carter got back up, Devlin shoved him down and stomped right on that hurt neck. Carter had an easy target, and Devlin took full advantage. He’d choke him on the mat with his boot, pick him up and slam him for a leg drop.

Jordan Devlin Won’t Be Stopped

A neck crank on the mat would see Carter have to fight to his feet, and not have an easy time. He’d counter a suplex but failed to follow up with a pinfall. Carter came back down some running strikes and a low sweep. He’d send Devlin outside and nail a dive, his second wind fully here. The Black Magic kick got a two count back in the ring.

Devlin went up top and got taken down with a hurricanrana and took a lariat to the back of the neck. Carter tried for the finish, but when he got it he couldn’t follow up. Devlin got back to his feet, but Carter crashed in with a spinning wheel kick, but got dropped with a poisonrana. One Devlinside suplex and Devlin retains.

Will Devlin remain champion long enough to merge the titles? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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