WWE NXT UK Results: Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith vs. Pretty Deadly

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Next up on NXT UK is some tag team action from two rising teams, the dynamic duo of Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter and Pretty Deadly. Pretty Deadly doesn’t know where they stand in the division right now, they thought they were aligned with Eddie Dennis but got snubbed for The Hunt. They responded by picking a fight with Smith & Carter, bringing us to this match.

Ashton Smith & Oliver Carter Show Their Strengths

Stoker would start with Smith, Smith quickly getting wrist control and using his power to control the match. Even a rollup would be blocked, but a quick tag to Howley gave a small opening. This wouldn’t lead to more than a back body drop to Howley before Smith regained wrist control.

Another change up with Pretty Deadly and Smith was caught with a wrist lock. He’d endure the pain and lift Stoker into the sky, propping him up on the top rope. Stoker would respond by stomping on the hand of Smith, and grinding the boot onto it. He’d then dive off the top rope with a crossbody, only to be caught out of the air and hit with a suplex. Carter would be tagged in, the speed of the team, hitting an assisted body press.

Stoker tried to grab the hair of Carter, but didn’t get control from it. A tag to Howley would give Pretty Deadly a sneak attack, but Carter got right back to work. Howley missed the next tag and took a crossbody, before taking Smith off the apron. That would piss off the powerhouse, having him distract the referee as expected. Pretty Deadly would use this to trip up Carter in their corner, and start the isolation process.

Pretty Deadly Studied Tag Team Wrestling 101

Pretty Deadly just needed to keep Oliver Carter in their corner, cut the ring in half and grind him down. It’s tag team wrestling 101, and Pretty Deadly was playing that game perfectly. They’d grind Carter down, all while Smith was getting hyped up on the corner, ready to pull out a textbook hot tag at a moment’s notice. Carter snuck through the legs of Howley, and it was go time.

He’d wipe out both members with big strikes, before throwing Howley over his corner with a judo toss, and driving him into the mat with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Carter took Stoker out on the outside, tagged in and hit a big superkick. They’d hit the assisted running 450 Splash, but Stoker put the leg of his partner on the rope, then took Carter out on the outside.

Smith went for a rollup, but Howley shoved him off. When he got to the ropes, Stoker hit a big uppercut, and Howley got a rollup with a handful of tights. Not the most honest win, but a win is a win! Could Pretty Deadly climb to the top of the NXT UK Tag Team division?

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