AEW New Years Smash Results: Wardlow vs. Jake Hager

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Ever since MJF & Wardlow joined The Inner Circle, there’s been tension. While MJF & Sammy Guevara have been vocal about their issues, Wardlow & Hager just stared at each other. It was starting to get weird, but now these two hosses will instead throw down in the ring. Hager comes into this one on a six match win streak, while Wardlow has won five of his last six.

Jake Hager Will Always Out-Wrestle Wardlow In The End

The bell sounded, and these two locked up like the two big bulls they are. It was a stalemate, even Hager going behind didn’t get him control, as Wardlow showed his grappling prowess. However, Hager is a three time All-American, and is going to win out there in the end. Hager took Wardlow down again for some strikes, the heavy blows finally flying. They rammed into each other with lariats and shoulder tackles, but the agility of Wardlow let him leap over Hager with ease, and hit the Cactus Clothesline over the top rope.

The brawl kept going, before a double clothesline dropped both men on the outside. They struggled back into the ring, and Wardlow got the upperhand, nailing the back elbows and threw Hager across the ring into the buckle before some big stomps. Wardlow ran across the ring for a corner spear, but Hager dodged and took control.

Wardlow Is A Future AEW World Champion In The Making

Wardlow again showed his insane agility to dodge Hager in the corner, before driving his shoulder into the gut and hitting a set of suplex tosses in the middle of the ring. After three, he would cover Hager for a near fall. The F-10 was set-up, but Hager fought free and hit the running body presses in the corner before hitting a lariat.

Hager got the big powerslam, but only got a two count. The Hager Bomb was met with boots, but Hager got the ankle lock. Wardlow kicked Hager in the face, sent him over the ropes and then crashing right into the barricade. Immediately getting Hager back in the ring, Wardlow nailed a set of suplexes for a near fall, Hager kicking out at two. He’d go up top for the Swanton Bomb, but Hager countered the pinfall in the Head & Arm choke, Wardlow getting his foot on the rope.

Wardlow went to the apron, but Hager pulled him up onto the second rope to reapply the choke, but Wardlow dropped back to the apron and that stunned Hager. The F-10 was hit, and Wardlow wins! After the match, the newfound respect was shown with a fist bump.

This was a very physical hoss fight, with Wardlow being the star and the worthy winner. Hitting the F-10 on Hager with such ease showed just how strong he is. Match Rating: 3/5 (***)

Will Wardlow win gold in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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