Dax Harwood Wants Chad Gable In AEW

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Some wrestlers simply bring the best out of each other. Eddie Guerrero was at his best with Rey Mysterio. John Cena with Edge or AJ Styles. Kenny Omega with Kota Ibushi or Kazuchika Okada. However, this also works for tag teams, and FTR’s greatest opponent has always been Chad Gable.

It doesn’t matter if he was teaming with Jason Jordan as American Alpha or Bobby Roode, if you put Gable across the ring from FTR? You got magic every time. However, FTR are on the All Elite Wrestling roster, while Chad Gable remains in WWE. However, Harwood would love to see Gable jump ship and realize his full potential.

Chad Gable Has Remained Directionless In WWE For Years

While lately Gable has had a role of a backstage wrestling coach for Otis, it’s hard to say his last few years in WWE have been good. He spent time as Shorty G, plenty of time in catering, and has rarely gotten to show his full wrestling prowess. Many feel Gable could be the modern equivalent of Kurt Angle, and he has all the pure wrestling skill and charisma to make that come true; just not the spotlight to do so.

He has major upside as both a singles wrestler and tag team wrestler, but WWE doesn’t put focus on their tag team division, and Gable is too small to become a top star. It’s important to remember guys like AJ Styles & Daniels Bryan are exceptions, and not the rule when it comes to the type of people WWE push as top stars.

Dax Harwood Wants Gable To Come To AEW When Able

However, he’d be an easy fit into a company like AEW, as noted by Dax Harwood during an appearance on Arn Anderson’s podcast. He was talking about how he became best friends with Gable & Jordan while working NXT house shows with him. Gable is one of the hardest workers he knows, and translates legitimate wrestling skills into professional wrestling perfectly.

He thinks AEW should get Gable, but that’s just him. I’m sure that sentiment is shared by many backstage, but the contract status of Gable is currently unknown. If nothing else, this interest might help Gable get a better offer from WWE when renewal time comes around.

Would you want to see Chad Gable go to AEW? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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