Impact Wrestling Results (1/19) – Rich Swann Delivers his Message to Moose

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Impact Wrestling Results returned as Rich Swann came out to the ring to address Moose’s actions.

He said he felt the pressure of being Impact World Champion on Saturday, as well as the pressure of leading the company into war against AEW.

He lives and thrives off that pressure. He praised Chris Sabin and Moose for their efforts, but he had trust issues toward Moose throughout the match,

He called out Moose for calling himself the best world champion and for putting Willie Mack on the shelf. He added he doesn’t know if things between he and Omega are over, but he’s not there tonight.

He challenged Moose to come out and settle things once and for all.

Moose came out in a suit and slowly entered the ring and laid the TNA title on the mat and told Swann he knows he’s angry and reminded him people make bad decision when they’re angry.

He added that those decision tend to make him angry, and for him to ask Mack what happens when he’s angry.

Moose said nothing between them is going to be settled until he gets his Ipact title shot.

Swann called him an idiot and said he’d give him his shot right then and there.

Moose told him this isn’t how it works as he’s the won that says when because Swann’s on his time.

Swann told him that’s fair enough, and asked what do they do now and he nailed Moose with a couple of rights.

Moose grabbed him by the throat and threw him into a corner.

Swann hit a couple of boots and Swann tore hit coat off and chopped away. Moose shoved him back, but Swann dodged his spear and Moose hit the ring post.

Swann hit a splash off the tope rope to send Moose to the floor.

Rohit gets his wish

Rohit Raju finally got into Scott D’Amore’s office, and TJP entered with the X-Division title and Rohit started to lose him mind.

D’Amore told him that they are the same person, and Rohit said TJP had many opportunities he didn’t deserve and wanted his own.

D’Amore said they can settle it in two weeks and Rohit accepted and ranted as he left.

D’Amore then asked TJP if he should tell him it’s a non title match, and TJP said he’ll figure it out.

This should be a beautiful moment when Rohit finds out next week.

Old enemies, new bargain

Fire & Flava told Alisha Edwards they’re not cutting anymore deals to face them, and Edwards mentioned about being an emcee and Hogan agreed.

They then had a referee cover his eyes as they ran over a championship experience and explained their silver package is in the crowd, their gold package is at ringside, and platinum has him in the ring with them.

Nevaeh and Havok approached them and said they’ll take the platinum.

Hogan and Steelz said they’re all sold out and they have a special package that’s copper, where they sit at home with their cat and watch them on TV. They then headed out, but this is far from over judging by Havok and Nevaeh’s smile. Impact Wrestling Results can’t wait.

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