Impact Wrestling Results (1/5) – Knockouts Tag Team Title Tournament – Jordynn Grace and Jazz vs. Havok and Nevaeh; The Bullet Club Hits Their Targets

Havok hit a tombstone piledriver on Jazz for the win

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Impact Wrestling Results has been waiting for this match all day.

Grace and Nevaeh started it off with a lockup, and they jockeyed for position until Grace locked on a side headlock and they exchange arm locks until grace flipped Nevaeh over for a couple of pin attempts.

They then exchanged armbars and Nevaeh locked in a headlock, the ducked a Grave clothesline off the ropes but was rocked with a shoulder block.

Havok came in and she and Grace met with three shoulder blocks. The first two were stalemates, but Havok leveled Grace with the third and Jazz tagged in.

Havok and Jazz had a stare down and Havok shoved her, and Jazz nailed her.

Then exchanged rights and Jazz hit a couple of kicks and rights as she backed Havok into a corner.

Havok reversed a whip into a corner and hit with a clothesline before tagging in Nevaeh. Nevaeh and Havok alternated splashes on the corner, and Grace broke up Nevaeh’s pin attempt.

Jazz raked Nevaeh’s eyes and hit with an elbow to the back of Nevaeh’s neck, and they hit a double back elbow of the rope for a pin attempt.

Grace hit a series of shoulder on Nevaeh n their corner, and Jazz came in for a couple of kicks and a shoulder of her own before hitting a double underhook suplex for a pin attempt.

Grace came in and nailed Nevaeh with an elbow and then hit with a double suplex for a near pinfall.

Nevaeh fought out of Grace’s hold, but Grace nailed her to regain control, and Jazz tagged in.

Jazz hit a right and then a double blow to Nevaeh’s back before slapping on a neck lock that looked extremely painful.

Too much Kaiju Queen

Nevaeh hit a couple of elbows to break the hold, but Jazz dropped her for a near pinfall.

Grace came in and hit an ax handle on Nevaeh’s arm. Jazz then came but Nevaeh ducked a clothesline and hit a neckbreaker.

Havok came in and nailed a kick, knee, and kick on Grace before hitting a backing up and a sit out powerbomb for a pin attempt that Jazz broke up.

Grace hit Havok with an elbow and Nevaeh with a big boot. Jazz nailed Nevaeh with a combination and then did the same on Havok and Grace tripped Havok for a near pinfall.

Havok hit Jazz with a kick and chokeslammed Grace.

Havok then hefted Jazz up and hit a tombstone piledriver for the win.

This was an awesome hard hitting, old school type of match. It sucks that Jazz and Grace won’t be moving on, but it’s awesome that Havok and Nevaeh are.

This was a tough one for us.

Grace looked furious as she left Jazz in the ring.

Swann and MCMG respond

Gia interviewed Rich Swann and the MCMG as they responded to Omega and the Good Brothers’ promo.

Chris Sabin said they’d better be ready, and Swann said he’s with the best tag team in professional wrestling and then turned his attention to Kenny Omega.

He pointed out the letter on his title says Impact and not AEW, and he’ll be damned if he’ll let someone from another come in there and take over after everything he’s been through.

Shelley said the last time they saw each other they got their a—es kicked, but they’re not afraid and went out to the bus to take on the invaders.

Bullet Club Strikes

Swann and the MCMG approached the exit door and tossed the list aside as they approached the bus and called out the Good brothers and Omega.

The trio came out from around the bus and quickly beat them down and stomped on them before Gallows pounded on Swann and they told him the AEW is the real championship.

Omega pointed at them and said it looks like they were easy to kill for Hard To Kill.

Omega stomped each of them before calling it a night and boarding the buss.

Grace finds an opponent

Impact Wrestling Results returned as Jazz was looking for Grace backstage.

She found her, and Grace apologized for leaving her out there. She said these titles mean the world for her, and Jazz said losing wasn’t part of the plan.

Grace said she’s disappointed in herself and for Jazz for calling her out of retirement for this.

Jazz told her no apologies were needed as it was a once in a lifetime chance to wrestles with the new generation.

Grace said she didn’t miss a beat and asked if she has more in the tank, adding it’d be an honor to face Jazz in the ring at Genesis and Jazz accepted.

This is going to be an awesome match that we can’t wait to see.

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