Who Should Win Each Royal Rumble!!

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One of the best PPVs is incoming. The match that decides what could happen at Wrestlemania. With the Royal Rumble happening on the 31st of January. 

Man’s Royal Rumble 


A wrestler who hasn’t been given the spotlight is the best wrestler to win the rumble. He’s never been near the spotlight but is one of the best wrestlers in WWE is Cersuro. He hasn’t really been given the chance on the mic to shine but has wrestling style is unmatched. He deserves to win the Royal Rumble just for that. 

Sami Zayn 

Another one of the best wrestlers in the company. As you give Sami Zayn anything and he will make it into gold. This could even be done with long term booking in mind. With Kevin Owens winning against Roman Reigns and then reigniting the legendary fued between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn at Wrestlemania. 


One of the most underrated wrestlers in WWE. With him even recently being rumoured to be leaving WWE. He has had a great match with Brock Lanser in the past and every match he has proves that he should be near the top spot. If Ricochet won, it could be one of the best underdog stories from WWE in recent years. 

Women’s Royal Rumble 

Bianca Belair

It still looks like Charlotte Flair will win the Royal Rumble but we can hope that doesn’t happen. Bianca Belair is finally getting the push she needs on Smackdown. Making it the best time to push her even more by having her win the Royal Rumble. Although she is currently feuding with Bayley. She could win the Royal Rumble and then feud with Bayley at the Fastlane PPV.  

Peyton Royce 

At one point it looked like Peyton Royce was going to get a push but it suddenly stopped. It is clear that she could be a top wrestler. With WWE using the same woman wrestler over and over again in the main event and not using underrated talent. Peyton Royce could be the surprise we need to keep it interesting. 

Alexa Bliss 

At the moment it doesn’t seem Alexa Bliss is feuding with anyone, maybe Randy Orton. At the moment, she is one of the weirdest wrestlers in WWE making her need a big feud. If she went against Asuka it could be something fantastic. As it could change Asuka back into when she was unbeatable or even to Kana her demon-like gimmick.

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