Will The Lucha Bros Or Young Bucks Appear On The Hard To Kill PPV? 

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Impact Wrestling’s Hard To Kill PPV has quickly become one of the anticipated PPV’s of Impact in a while. This could be because of Kenny Omega and the Good Brothers involvement. It could be the fact that both AEW and Impact have become surprising with the crossovers.

With the Good Brothers appearing on this week and the weeks before AEW Dynamite. At the end of the match, we saw the involvement of the Lucha Bros. They did end up attacking Young Bucks but with this crossover it feels like anyone can make the jump to the Hard to Kill PPV this Saturday.  

It would feel like Lucha Bros are coming home?

The Lucha Bros were signed with Impact Wrestling for a while. With them even having a feud between each other. Although they were for a while the best tag team in Impact Wrestling with them holding tag belts for a great run with them.

This was before they signed with AEW. They did have interest in signing with WWE but signed with AEW instead. Meaning that they went from Impact to AEW they would be one of the best tag teams to make an appearance back there. Maybe they are looking to beat the Good Brothers for the Impact Belts? 

Or will it be the Young Bucks? 

There is also the story that is involved with Kenny and the Good Brothers Vs. The Young Bucks. After what happened after the last episode of AEW. With the Good Brothers replacing the Young Bucks in the match. Could this happen again but the other way around at Hard To KIll? As it really feels like someone else from AEW is going to appear on the PPV.

With it feeling like it could be anyone from that segment of the show meaning that it could be the Young Bucks, Lucha Bros or even Jon Moxley himself. There were a lot of people involved in that segment and really it could be anyone. 

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