WWE 205 Live Results: Mansoor vs. Jake Atlas

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Jake Atlas is climbing the ranks of the NXT Cruiserweight division, slowly but surely. After getting a taste of what champion Santos Escobar is made from, he was sent to the bottom of the list. However, big wins over Isaiah “Swerve” Scott & Tony Nese have the confidence of Atlas through the roof. Can he pick up his biggest win yet though, and break the 10 match win streak of Mansoor in the process?

2021 Could Be The Year Of Jake Atlas

They’d lock up in the middle of the ring, with Atlas getting the wrist lock before Mansoor rolled and tried to break it, before being taken to the mat. Mansoor fought to his feet and got a headlock, before taking Atlas down to the mat. Atlas tried to get up, but the training of The Brian Kendrick let Mansoor remain in steady control, even running up the turnbuckle for a headlock takeover.

Atlas finally broke free with a backdrop, but Mansoor remained on his feet. Mansoor went for a lariat, missed wildly as Atlas backflipped out of the way, and was taken to the mat with an armdrag. Atlas was taken down with an arm drag where Mansoor used his leg, which was unique before being hit with a big knee breaker. Mansoor now had a target, attacking the left leg of Atlas, taking away his high flying style.

Atlas kicked Mansoor off to the apron, but got hit with a sunset flip that Mansoor turned into a single leg boston crab. That wasn’t getting the submission, so he tried to move into the full crab, only to be kicked into the turnbuckle. Now in control, Atlas went to work with some heavy chops before nailing a neckbreaker, getting a two count. A cravate on the mat would slow Mansoor down, and show how far Atlas has come since his debut.

Mansoor Can’t Be Stopped!

After breaking the hold and getting back to his feet, Mansoor went to the corner before being sent headfirst into the mat and having the hold reapplied. Again, Mansoor fought free, and went after the left leg this time. Atlas rolled away, Mansoor threw a wild lariat and Atlas flipped out, but landed awkwardly on the left leg. A chop block cut Atlas down, and a series of dragon screws into a single leg crab punished him.

Atlas got free, but fell to a spinebuster, right into a modified Sharpshooter, but had to crawl to the bottom rope. Another kneebreaker was set up, but Atlas fought free. He’d counter a single leg takedown into a neckbreaker, but again only got a two count. Mansoor countered a suplex into a small package, before being hit with a brainbuster. Atlas tried for the Rainbow DDT, but the left knee was again targeted with a dragon screw from the top rope. Mansoor applied a leg lock into a pinfall attempt, and got the win.

Will Mansoor become NXT Cruiserweight Champion in 2021? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

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